A couple kind of normal dates. Weird…

I mean, normal within the range of what I usually do – my usual is meeting for a drink or two, maybe a coffee, and then heading back to my place to get naked. But Wednesday I met someone for a quick drink post-Wonder Woman and last night night I met someone for a smoothie and walk…weird.

Granted, the guy on Wednesday is married (open relationship) and is looking for sex partners and we mostly discussed his curiosity about bi-MMF and what he might be willing to do and not. He was attractive, seemed laid back and nice, so our plan is to get together another time and see how our chemistry is. But there was something about it that almost felt more like an interview than a date. Perhaps b/c he was wearing a suit (he had some event earlier).

Last night it was my 3rd(I think) Bumble date. I’m still a Bumble Virgin (giving away the ending), but this guy had me intrigued. He just seemed…interesting. He’s into energy work and therapy, but he’s like an ex-corporate guy and doesn’t give off a new age vibe. He just seems to be self-aware and open.  But he’s moving at the end of the month, so his options are somewhat limited (though I think he legit finds me interesting). So we met and got smoothies and then went for a walk. I was waiting and waiting for him to make a move…I mean, I’ve been super open about my sexual experiences, but he definitely is less experienced, so I didn’t want to make any assumptions about what he was comfortable with.  Finally, he grabbed me and kissed me.  It wasn’t the best kiss I’ve ever had, but it was nice. And I genuinely enjoyed being around him.  So, we’ll see. He’s out of town this weekend, and obviously his time is limited before he moves. I did tell him I was interested in seeing him again and he could just come over to my place if he wanted.

But super weird to have back to back dates that, I think, went well, but there was noting more salacious than kissing and some boob grabbing.

Fucking entitled misogynist liberals

Yesterday morning I work up to a message from this turd.  I saw the message and assumed from the message it was someone I had a good date with and we just lost touch…nope. It was someone I had an awful date with. By last evening, he had messaged again, saying he noticed I had looked at his profile and needed to just get over my fear of how great things could be between us or some such shit.

So I blocked him. I mean, seriously. He’s one of my “I HATE MEN” moments over the past year and he thinks I want to see him again? And that we can have some great romance?

Of course, immediately after that, my Lyft driver started hitting on me and asked me out and couldn’t tell I had ZERO interest. So I reported him to Lyft.

Luckily I had seen Wonder Woman last night and that had mentally prepared me for battle with all these fucking entitled asshats. But I’m so over them.

That weird feeling when you realize your ex-bf has a bf

Back in 2013, I dated a guy for a few months. He was really my last real relationship – as in, we were dating each other, no one else, talked about the future, etc.  It ended because he was in his late 30s and just didn’t seem to know what he wanted from a relationship.
He was great on paper. Successful. Educated. Super super nice. Did lots of charity work.  Attractive. Athletic.  He was also always mistaken for being gay, which I didn’t care about. He talked about it a lot -how much he didn’t care, but how weird it was. I mean, I knew why everyone thought he was gay. He seemed super gay. But he also LOVED my pussy.  I had never seen a guy look at my pussy with such adoration.

Maybe a year ago, he texted me out of the blue.  I got the distinct vibe he was trying to see if I was open to getting back together. I wasn’t. He was a good guy, but only relationship material. He had the smallest penis I’ve ever seen IRL and HUGE balls and I hated how it looked together. And I couldn’t even feel when he was penetrating me (luckily, he was fantastic at oral).

Today FB suggested we should be friends (thanks FB…that’s creepy, but not the point). And I start scrolling thru b/c who wouldn’t. And it’s pretty damn obvious he’s dating a man (and the guy isn’t even hot). I mean, a few pics could be explained away as just friends. And then it became more and more obvious.

And it’s weird. I mean, I LOVE hooking up with bi men. But this, this seemed different. Maybe, in part, b/c the guy he’s dating isn’t attractive to me. Or maybe because I really did think my ex was straight.  I don’t know what it is. But it’s weird. And I feel guilty that I care. I’m not upset. But my world view has been shaken up a bit. At the same time, I am happy for him if he’s happy. And he looks to be. So. Ultimately that’s the most important thing.

Sex is the best

I mean, really, it is. Or can be.  I had a couple weeks of strep throat recovery, low energy, and low libido.  But this weekend I started feeling more normal. I was supposed to meet one guy on Saturday, but I got caught up in work (and he was only available during the day) and I asked if we could meet Sunday. Unfortunately our schedules only lined up for a 1/2 hour or so on Sunday, so I met him. He was attractive. Nicer than I feared he might be. But we didn’t have much time. He said he wanted to meet again, but we’ll see I think we all know about that kind of statement. Could be real…or not.

And Trump Hat Guy had talked about getting together….but, of course, he was a flake. He texted some, but didn’t seem to have any time. So finally, I just told him we shouldn’t be in touch anymore b/c he’s just not that nice to me. And…it felt good to say that. Yes, we have some kind of crazy connection in person. And I do think he legitimately cares about me as much as he can.  But he’s not capable of being a nice person to me other than when we’re actually together. Which is rare. And that’s stupid for me to waste emotional energy on that. So. I’m done. I haven’t heard back. I know I will at some point. I just hope I stay strong.

In between, I was texting a guy I had hooked up with before.  He finally found a place in the city and only lives about a mile from me. But he was traveling a bunch. Then I was sick…and we had finally decided to meet up Tuesday or Wed this week.  On Tuesday at about 4, I heard from hot bi guy who was proposing a 3some for that night with a guy who I had messaged with a bunch a year or so ago, but we had never gotten together b/c, at the time, the guy was really only into group stuff and I didn’t have a group to provide. Unfortunately, he got stuck at work and the 3some didn’t happen on Tuesday and, in the process, I had moved the previous hookup to last night.

So yesterday I was in a bad mood all day. I’m just sick of all the societal misogyny. And sometimes it gets to me. It had gotten to me. For sure. But I was also incredibly horny all day.  I was exhausted, got home late, but still wanted to get laid…so finally he came over around 9:15. He was hotter and in better shape than I remembered. Which is definitely a good surprise. And the chemistry was still so intense. We ended up just making out by my front door for quite awhile when he first arrived. He walks the line between being rough and sensual that I really enjoy.  And he’s ALL about me getting off. As many times as he can get me off. In short, the sex is fantastic. And after…I felt like the sky had opened and I could breathe again. I have more patience, less tension, I’m in a better mood…sex is the best. Really. It is.

Being a responsible rejector

A little over a year ago, I was being fucked doggy style and was bored out of my mind. And I realized I was only there because it had been easier to go along with the guy suggesting we go back to my place than it had been to say no. There was nothing wrong with him. And he was nice. And respectful. And I even had an orgasm when he ate me out. But I wasn’t into it.

So I vowed then not to do that again. Don’t get me wrong, I had rejected guys before. But I had also had sex when I was horny and a decent guy was there willing to fuck me. And I realized that there is a difference for me between sex I want to have and sex I don’t want to have, even when everything on the surface seems the same (it’s casual, I don’t have deep feelings, I don’t care if I see them again…)

So last night I went and met a guy for a drink nearby. I walked in and he looked like his pics…but skinnier. Not a big deal, but he was a little too skinny. But then I got close and he smelled like…an old baseball hat. Now he did have a full beard. I don’t know if that was it? Or just not showering that day? Or what. But he smelled. And I knew then we wouldn’t be naked. But I ordered a drink (which he insisted on paying for and then talked about how poor he is…geez dude, I could have bought my own drink. I don’t think he did it to make me feel guilty, but b/c he just didn’t get that maybe that puts me in a really awkward position).

And we talked. And he was fidgity.  And he indicated he was willing to leave whenever I was. But I didn’t want to reject him just as I started my drink b/c then why did I order it? (Or that’s how I felt). So I waited until the end of the drink and told him I wasn’t feeling it.

And he asks why. And I just said it had nothing to do with him (the dirty smell didn’t help, but we wouldn’t have been fucking anyway) and just that it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t comfortable enough. And although he’s a nice guy, he keeps trying to insist it would be fun. Like…he knew intellectually I could say no. But didn’t actually accept I could say no. Which isn’t attractive. And is annoying. And is really fucking annoying that even the good guys think “But I think we’d have a lot of fun” and “I was looking forward to this” are reasons for me to change my mind.

So I have no regrets with rejecting him. I hate that I felt bad about it. And I hate that guys are so horrible at accepting rejection. Even the decent ones.

How is it that 3somes now seem normal?

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a complaint or a worry. It just is…I’m a 40-something professional woman who most people would describe as highly engaged in activism, maybe a little weird (people have a hard time with single women who are happy), kind of innocent looking…and yet, here I am, as a “go to MILF” for an incredibly hot bi guy…

So, super hot bi guy said he had a lot of interested guys in 3somes with me. Which just seems weird to me. But, ok! I’m not complaining. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t taken much time to just have fun sex…and if super hot bi guy wants to set up something where I end up naked? I’m going to trust the situation. He’s finishing up med school and was on night shifts last week, so we had to wait for the weekend…Saturday he starts texting me options for the evening. Which feels kind of weird. I mean, these are humans. But yes, I’m going to go with the one I find most attractive. And he had a nice cock too…

So, super hot bi guy and this new guy show up at my place Saturday evening. They had smoked some weed before coming over, which was fine with me. I don’t care. We proceeded to have a couple drinks. The new guy seemed shy and maybe a little too stoned, but he was pretty hot (not necessarily my type – a little to pretty boy for me – but I couldn’t complain about the good doctor’s work in finding him).

After awhile, we went to my room. The undressing is always the most awkward part of group stuff IMO.  With one on one, you can easily undress the other. With group, you kind of have to take care of yourself. Or that’s how it has always been….Since both guys are in amazing shape, I had the moment of worrying that my imperfect body, somewhat bloated from my leftover Chinese food dinner, was not up to their standards…but with both sucking on each of my nipples, I quickly forgot about it.

Other than my first MMF  where we literally had all independently made decisions to sleep with each other before we got together, this was the best dynamic I’ve had for a 3some. And definitely the hottest guys, which, you know, is part of the fantasy.  I finally managed to experience DVP, which was really fun, though way more awkward than it looks in porn (again, how am I just “oh, yeah, DVP…fun! But awkward? I am not someone anyone in my office would expect this of. But that’s part of the fun).  Oh, and DVP is also fun, besides being awkward.

By the end, I was done, the guys were done, my bed was beyond soaked (so gross to sleep in that night, but well worth it) and I woke up to a nice message from super hot bi guy about how fun it was…and a message this morning asking if I’m around tonight if he can set something up…

Unfortunately, he leaves for the summer soon. I don’t know how med school works. All I know is that he won’t be around after his next set of boards for at least 3 months, maybe forever (depending on job prospects). But I can definitely say that he will be remembered as the guy who helped create a situation that lil ol’ me never thought I’d be in – not just hot, crazy sex. But hot, crazy sex with 2 guys who I never would have dreamed were guys who would be naked with me.*

*Note, I’m very pragmatic about who is in my league looks-wise and who isn’t.  Pretty people are people I enjoy b/c, well, I am motivated by what looks amazing. I don’t think it it means anything more for me than “why yes, I do like touching you naked”-type excitement. I’m no more or less valuable as a person post-3some with hot guys than I was before. It was just a true fantasy experience.

The Frustration of Being Told by Feminists that I don’t Really Control My Own Sex Choices

Today I was told that prostitution and porn aren’t sex and women can’t consent to them by a friend who is a feminist.

And, while I absolutely understand the concerns about sex trafficking and always elevate those from a policy perspective above all else, I refuse to accept that I couldn’t go out and charge money to have sex with me. I mean, I’ve had sex that was less exciting than other sex. And I’ve had sex that wasn’t what I expected it to be. And I’ve had boring sex. And I’ve had sex to get out of an awkward situation.  All of those were my choice. I have been raped. I know the difference. There is an enormous difference between being mid-fuck and thinking “I would much rather be sleeping right now, but I’ll power through it” and doing what has to be done to stay alive. So, if I wanted to have boring sex and get paid for it, eh…that’s my choice. I have options in life.

But yet…I frequently encounter women I admire, smart women, capable women, women who are well-educated, etc who are around my age…who give me parameters that have to be met for sex to be valid. For sex to be something that isn’t about the patriarchy. Some things I agree with – like consent – but others, like a loving environment….not so much. I’ve had in-love sex. It’s fantastic. I have also had raunch, kinky, not-remotely-in-love sex with men who I don’t even for sure know their names…and that’s also fantastic. But different.

If you did away with the patriarchy and religion, there would be zero reason why we’d raise an eyebrow at any adult’s safe sexual choices, whether or not money was involved, as long as everyone involved was able to and did consent. Yet those trying to smash the patriarchy often perpetuate it by saying there is a right and a wrong way to have sex.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a shit on feminists post. It is more a post about what many feminists unquestionably accept – that only men control sex outside of a loving relationship.  And in doing that, women like me are infantilized. And that has scary implications.