Productive Saturday…and the Return of Trump Hat Guy

Yesterday morning I traveled about 2 1/2 hours to speak to a group about activism in the Post-Trump World. Then I went home and fucked a Trump voter…sigh…(and then someone after that).

After Wednesday, I decided to get in touch with Trump Hat Guy about a 3some with the super hot bi guy who was part of Wednesday.  THG was into being fucked by a hot guy with a nice cock and, well, super hot bi guy is about as good as it’s going to get for that.  And since I prefer bi MMFs…and super hot bi guy was into the idea, decided to reach out.

THG was moderately in touch for a couple days, but annoyingly uncommunicative.  Then yesterday on my way back from the group, I got a text from him. He was interested in the 3some…but he wanted to see me and hang out with me before anything with a 3rd.  I had plans last night with someone I was actually interested in meeting, which I told him…he said he would come over before that if I’d let him. I was skeptical, as he *never* has ever shown up on time. and I didn’t have a lot of time, so…I didn’t see how that would work.  But I told him if he was at my place at 5, I would give him an hour or so.

And he actually showed up at 5:01 (I’ll take it). He walked in the door and we just started kissing. It didn’t feel like it had been 6-7 months. It felt like we had just seen each other. And of course we were fucking and then naked (yes, we didn’t even really wait) within minutes. After, we talked for like an hour or so. I emphasized that I don’t want the drama we’ve had…I can’t do it. He said he gets that and he promises it will be better. I’m still, of course, wary. And I told him it would take me time to believe that to be the case. He said he understood…and he was also excited that I might go fuck someone else after him if I liked the guy.

After a long day and being well fucked by THG, I wasn’t that into getting ready to go meet the new guy, who I’ll call ex-Hollywood Guy. But he had interested me. He was only 25, looked super hot, and seemed very cool. But I DID want to meet him, so I sucked it up and got dressed (I didn’t shower again…oops). I got there a couple min before him, texted him where I was and when he showed up, he was hotter than I expected and more charming.  Within minutes he was telling me that I was much hotter than my pics and the first person he had met who was. So we had a drink, flirted, and then went back to my place. He was a fantastic kisser, fantastic with his hands…the sex was a little bit less natural than it sometimes is. I don’t know if that was us, his age showing, or just that I’d just been with someone I had a very comfortable sexual vibe with.  After sex, we talked a bit and then he said he’d let me go to sleep (I was grateful)…and I texted THG to let him know that yes, I had fucked the other guy, and he seemed turned on.

So, while some people might be like “omg, you fucked 2 guys in a day, back to back!”, I kind of don’t see that as a big deal. I’m more weirded out that I still have a connection with THG…so we’ll see what plays out. Hopefully I’ll get that bi mmf with him tho…

Just a random Wednesday gangbang thing…

Back in December, I was supposed to have a 3some with a guy I had been talking to for literally years and another guy who I’ll call Hot AF guy.  The first guy bailed and, for whatever reason, I didn’t invite Hot AF guy over. I hadn’t met him and I actually assumed he couldn’t possibly be as gorgeous as his pics. I mean, no guy THAT hot is in med school and bi. Like, that’s a make believe porn scenario. I don’t even know people that hot in life…then Hot AF guy moved away for awhile and moved back…got in touch again. So we’ve been trying to line something up. Sunday we were supposed to have a 3some with Trade Up Guy, but TUG flaked.  So, Hot AF guy and I started trying to find someone else. Without getting into too much detail, somehow, but 4:00 yesterday, we had 4 guys lined up who all seemed nice and cool.

Look, I know inviting 4 random guys to my house for sex is probably gonna shock some people. I mean, they could kill me or something. But since I was the one bringing the group together, I figured the likelihood of them plotting to kill me was remote. And I had made it clear, if I wasn’t into it, it wasn’t happening. But fortunately, everyone who showed up was really cool, nice, professional, etc. We had a drink and then went to my room.

I’m not aware of any unawkward way to start things with 4 guys. So the first one on the bed (yay Hot AF guy! and he serious, I mean, beyond hot. Like he could and should model. While he’s going thru med school. And being super nice and chill. And having a gorgeous dick. Like…HOW IN THE HELL AM I NAKED WITH SOMEONE SO PERFECT) got my attention.  Then someone else started touching me and someone else got on the bed and all of a sudden, everyone is joining in. Well, everyone except the guy I’ll call Hot Nerd. Hot Nerd is one of those guys you would not notice on the train b/c he carries himself kind a like a dork. But he is beautiful naked and actually has a really nice face. He had warned me that he had taken adderall that day and didn’t know if he could get hard…and I guess he couldn’t 😦 weirdly, he kind of ducked out in the middle after watching awhile and not getting hard. I mean, I’m glad he just left. I don’t want anyone to feel awkward. But 😦 I exchanged a couple messages with him last night and he still is interested in meeting.

Anyway, it was sort of tag team sex. Hot AF was the only bi guy, so they didn’t do anything together. It was definitely awkward at times. Guys would go soft at inopportune times. But I realized that’s kind of the deal with a group. I think they get performance anxiety. Luckily everyone seemed laid back and cool about it all and it was all really oddly comfortable and chill. I’ve had way more awkward one on ones…

So I would definitely hook up with Hot AF guy and another guy he knew who ended up in the group again…they live pretty close to me and we got a good rhythm at the end.  The other guy who stayed…IDK. There was nothing wrong, but there was nothing super right about him either. Not sure I see the point.

It’s funny…I have said I wanted a gangbang at some point, and I guess this sort of is. But I always thought it would be super organized and planned out…and this just came together and was great.

Sadly, stuff like this is why I probably could never run for office (a thing I’ve considered). Not that these guys would talk. But someone probably would. And it hurts no one and was a fun night. But it sounds crazy to people who haven’t done it, so they judge.

Apparently there are advantages to leaving the house for fun…

Lately I haven’t really been in the mood to leave the house much when I don’t have to. Part of it has been being insanely busy. Part of it is a new puppy. And tonight was one of those nights where I ran through all the reasons I could come up with to cancel, but since it was a guy I was genuinely curious about meeting and we were meeting early, I couldn’t come up with something. From his pics, I couldn’t tell if he’d be hot or not. He was one of those people who look either hot af or weird and nothing in between in his pics. So I walked in 2 min late and he was right by the door…but my glasses had fogged up so it took me a minute to actually see him. And he was much closer to hot af than weird (he really needs to curate his pics better).  He was only 6 years younger than me, which is usually a bad age for me (I do better with 10+ years younger), but the conversation was as easy in person as it had been by message and I was pretty sure he was into me…but we’d kind of talked about by message that I like it when a guy just goes for a kiss on a date. It shows confidence (it can also be very bad, but I figure if I give the explicit permission if I’m still there, it’s a little different than a random date with a stranger). And he agreed…but we finished our drinks and he asked if I wanted another and he hadn’t kissed me. So I was admittedly a little confused.

Conversation was still good…and finally, an hour and a half after we met up, he said something like “i guess I should have done this awhile ago” and he kissed me.  And the kiss was of those “I don’t want it to end kisses”. We were done with our 2nd drink, so I just figured I’d invite him back to my place (he accepted). Annnddd. We definitely had chemistry. My bed ended up completely soaked and I liked how assertive he was once he knew (I guess) that I was interested.  I’m pretty sure I’ll see him again.

So, yeah. Leaving my place can be a good thing. If I’m going to continue saving the world like I’ve been doing (or trying to) lately, I need some time to just indulge myself like this.

I need to remember all these benefits of leaving the house next time I don’t want to meet someone…

I needed that…

I’ve gone dark for awhile. I’ve been super busy as one of the people really involved in the resistance to DT’s administration and have been caught up in that. Saw one of my FWBs a few times, but it was good solid, B+ sex. Nothing to write about, but nice. A couple weeks ago, I met a local actor for a drink in the middle of the day with my dogs (at a bar that allows dogs). It was nice. Very easy. I thought he was attractive, but I couldn’t tell what he thought of me.  We walked out together, he was kind of like “well, I don’t know how you feel” and was sort of the same…so I messaged him my number, since he seemed un-stalkery and finally he texted me a few days later.

I still wasn’t sure when we made plans for him to come over last night. Would it be awkward? good? no chemistry? He arrived and it was sort of just friendly chat and finally I kind of made the move to kiss him, but he took over from there. And wow…so good. I don’t know if he’s just really skilled or we had great chemistry, or what. But I felt like it was just one giant orgasm.  He definitely knew how to touch me, where to touch me…and his dick was amazing. It was definitely what I needed. I’ve been so stressed with so many balls in the air that I just needed to get out of my head for a bit. And that I did.

Again with the awkward leaving tho…he kind of said an “I’ll see you” and I said “yeah, I’m game to do this again”, and well, who knows if I’ll see the Actor again. I think probably? I think he had fun…he hung out awhile and talked after. He’s super busy. I’m super busy…it could be a good occasional release.

My mojo seems to have come back…

After my post-election sexile (sex exile, obvs) was lifted by me, I didn’t have much luck actually getting action.  I met one guy…annnnnnd…he couldn’t get hard. Which of course I took personally (though I probably shouldn’t).  I pegged him, but it was awkward as I realize first time sex with pegging CAN work, but only if you know a person’s fantasies well (wondering if I can say “do you like my big cock” without offense is awkward).

I had some other dates fall through due to poor communication or things coming up, and I was just feeling like “I AM NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN”.  Somewhere along the line, I set up meeting up with this hot couple I had been talking to awhile and that was coming up for this past Friday.  I was kind of wondering if I could go from what felt like zero to threesome, but realized I needed to…

So the pics of the couple were difficult to know for sure how hot they were. In some, they looked amazing.  In some, just ok.  But when they walked in, I saw they were smoking. Both of them.  Just what I like in men and women.  And they were ready to go back to my place after one drink…she took control by suggesting spin the bottle (using a lube bottle of course) on my bed.  I kissed her twice (hey, the bottle knows what it wants) and then kissed him.  So the ice was pretty well broken and we all ended up naked rather quickly.  And it was definitely fun.  His cock was, well, amazing.  And she loved watching.  But everyone seemed to have fun. I know I did.  But couples are always a little hard to know how to judge as they’re in it for a one-time fantasy and I’m the tool to that. I’m good with that! But it’s different than a single person.

But that brought some swagger back for me. I remembered how to have sex with both men AND women.  On Friday, I had also started texting a guy I had last hooked up with in probably April. Sex with him was always great. But we don’t have any kind of connection besides our bodies just working very well together.  So late Saturday morning, he texts, asking if I was available…and I decided to swing by his place before a haircut for me.  And the sex was as amazing as it always was. With him, sex is more vanilla than it often is for me, but it’s just good.  We have similar energy and it just…works.

I tried for another round today with someone new. It was…fine. He came quickly.  Too quickly. And I kind of felt like I had corrupted him. I think he was less comfortable with casual sex than he let on and he really just was in desperate need of sex (he had a FANTASTIC body that was completely hidden by baggy clothes).  So, maybe I gave him some swagger. I don’t intend to see him again (nice guy, but…boring).

So, I guess my mojo is back. FINALLY. If I’m going to get through a Trump admin relatively sane and energized to fight it, I need all the sex I can get.

They always come back…

I haven’t written much that isn’t angry/sad election stuff. Frankly, that’s all that’s been front and center in my mind.  I did meet a new guy a couple weeks ago.  It was fine. He was sweet and liked strong women, etc.  But the sex wasn’t anything great (I think he was nervous). If he gets in touch, maybe I’ll make time for him. Maybe I won’t.  I really don’t care one way or another.

I suppose as far as news goes, Trump Hat Guy entirely predictably reached out to me on Sunday.  First I saw a LinkedIn request from him.  I thought there was a slight possibility that was one of those accidental requests that end up going out to everyone in one’s contacts, but an hour or so later, he texted me. 

Sooooo predictable. I may have said on here (certainly to at least one friend) that I expected I would hear from him after the election.  I always hear from guys at some point if I’ve connected with them. Heck, a boyfriend from when I was 23 reached out and messaged me a week or so ago b/c he was going to a football game at my alma mater and was thinking about me. So, yeah, I knew THG would contact me. And he did.  I held off responding b/c I didn’t feel like it on Sunday. But did on Monday. I could have ignored it, but then he would still have some sort of power in invoking fear in me of responding. Or something. He keeps chatting. I havent’ cut it off.  I haven’t decided if I will.  Mostly, I’m angry at him for supporting for Trump.  And he did act kind of shitty in disappearing.  But I guess part of me knows we were able to talk respectfully about issues before and maybe that interests me if I can get over being exhausted by the idea.  I guess a tiny part of me feels some level of fondness towards him. At the moment, that is outweighed by my anger at all Trump supporters and my fear of what comes next.  I don’t know if it’s possible for the fondness to serve as an offset to my anger.  And right now I don’t care enough to try to analyze that.  But once again, I knew what would happen…he returned and wants more.  I guess it’s nice to have that power. But mostly it’s not that important to me whether I have it or not. 

AND…it’s almost like he knew I was writing this up as 2 minutes after hitting “publish”, I get a text that says “I miss you”.  :/