Republican men seem to think wives control their husbands’ penises and women can’t decide consent for themselves. And it bugs the fuck out of me. 

1) Hillary is not Bill, nor is she responsible for his penis.

2) Monica does not see herself as a victim and if she doesn’t, why should a fat fuckface intent on pushing the patriarchy in society b/c he has no real power himself tell her she should.

3) How it ever ok to talk about sexually assaulting women? Why do republicans politicize sexual assault?

4) Why are ugly men the meanest?


Just a random Wednesday gangbang thing…

Back in December, I was supposed to have a 3some with a guy I had been talking to for literally years and another guy who I’ll call Hot AF guy.  The first guy bailed and, for whatever reason, I didn’t invite Hot AF guy over. I hadn’t met him and I actually assumed he couldn’t possibly be as gorgeous as his pics. I mean, no guy THAT hot is in med school and bi. Like, that’s a make believe porn scenario. I don’t even know people that hot in life…then Hot AF guy moved away for awhile and moved back…got in touch again. So we’ve been trying to line something up. Sunday we were supposed to have a 3some with Trade Up Guy, but TUG flaked.  So, Hot AF guy and I started trying to find someone else. Without getting into too much detail, somehow, but 4:00 yesterday, we had 4 guys lined up who all seemed nice and cool.

Look, I know inviting 4 random guys to my house for sex is probably gonna shock some people. I mean, they could kill me or something. But since I was the one bringing the group together, I figured the likelihood of them plotting to kill me was remote. And I had made it clear, if I wasn’t into it, it wasn’t happening. But fortunately, everyone who showed up was really cool, nice, professional, etc. We had a drink and then went to my room.

I’m not aware of any unawkward way to start things with 4 guys. So the first one on the bed (yay Hot AF guy! and he serious, I mean, beyond hot. Like he could and should model. While he’s going thru med school. And being super nice and chill. And having a gorgeous dick. Like…HOW IN THE HELL AM I NAKED WITH SOMEONE SO PERFECT) got my attention.  Then someone else started touching me and someone else got on the bed and all of a sudden, everyone is joining in. Well, everyone except the guy I’ll call Hot Nerd. Hot Nerd is one of those guys you would not notice on the train b/c he carries himself kind a like a dork. But he is beautiful naked and actually has a really nice face. He had warned me that he had taken adderall that day and didn’t know if he could get hard…and I guess he couldn’t 😦 weirdly, he kind of ducked out in the middle after watching awhile and not getting hard. I mean, I’m glad he just left. I don’t want anyone to feel awkward. But 😦 I exchanged a couple messages with him last night and he still is interested in meeting.

Anyway, it was sort of tag team sex. Hot AF was the only bi guy, so they didn’t do anything together. It was definitely awkward at times. Guys would go soft at inopportune times. But I realized that’s kind of the deal with a group. I think they get performance anxiety. Luckily everyone seemed laid back and cool about it all and it was all really oddly comfortable and chill. I’ve had way more awkward one on ones…

So I would definitely hook up with Hot AF guy and another guy he knew who ended up in the group again…they live pretty close to me and we got a good rhythm at the end.  The other guy who stayed…IDK. There was nothing wrong, but there was nothing super right about him either. Not sure I see the point.

It’s funny…I have said I wanted a gangbang at some point, and I guess this sort of is. But I always thought it would be super organized and planned out…and this just came together and was great.

Sadly, stuff like this is why I probably could never run for office (a thing I’ve considered). Not that these guys would talk. But someone probably would. And it hurts no one and was a fun night. But it sounds crazy to people who haven’t done it, so they judge.

And the MMF finally happened…

And it was fun. Easy. Far less of a thing than what was built up in my head, but just as hot.

I headed over to Cat’s place this afternoon and the other bi guy (I guess he needs a name…BG. Not creative, sorry) got there a few min later.  We all hung out, having a drink and chatting and it was super comfortable. I genuinely liked talking to them. We talked about sex, we talked about work. Politics. Etc.  Finally, when BG was in the bathroom, Cat came over and we started making out on his couch…then when Cat got back, he joined in.  Just everyone making out with everyone, hands everywhere…and finally we went to the bedroom and all got naked. I don’t know how to describe it because it was hard to keep track of what was happening.  Just mouths and fingers everywhere…BG fucked Cat.  Both fucked me (though didn’t do DVP or DP).  Everyone had oral with everyone…

And it was super hot, but the funniest thing (to me) was how normal it was.  I thought maybe it would seem kind of forced or awkward…nope.  It was just…lots of touching, lots of things to watch, and it was comfortable.  The only problem now is that it was so comfortable and nice, I’m going to want to do this again and again 🙂

But there are worse problems to have.

Oh, and one funny note – when I got to Cat’s place, I was waiting for him to come to the building door.  He lives on a busy, major street. Out of the corner of my eye, I see…the head business person in my firm. Who certainly knows me.  I kind of ducked my head and hoped he wouldn’t see me. I wasn’t 100% sure it was actually him until he walked past me and I could tell from behind that it was him.  I guess it’s totally legit that I’d be going to visit a friend, but I did not want to explain that one.

I actually agree with Rush Limbaugh on this…

“You know what the magic word, the only thing that matters in American sexual mores today is? You can do anything — the left will promote and understand and tolerate anything — as long as there is one element. Do you know what it is? Consent.

“If there is consent on both or all three or all four, however many are involved in the sex act, it’s perfectly fine. Whatever it is. But if the left ever senses and smells that there’s no consent in part of the equation, then here come the rape police. But consent is the magic key to the left.”

– Rush Limbaugh

Yay for good sex decisions…

Ok, first off, I don’t ever regret sex I choose to have.  Even when it isn’t good.  Even when maybe I wasn’t that into it.  Regretting sex would be like…regretting that I ate the cookie that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.  Not really something worth focusing energy on.

BUT, a little while ago I posted this.  And I’ve been thinking about the “go with the flow” type sex.  And I’ve done that. Not in the “I don’t want to offend this guy by saying no when I really want to say no” type way.  But more…”this is awkward and not that sexy.  Will it get better? It’s not getting better.  Do I call it or just see if more effort makes it better?” type sex.  And, you know, it almost never gets better if it’s awkward.  Sex can get better from “good”. It doesn’t get better from flat out awkward. At least not in my experience.  I’m starting to pick up on signs that it will be the awkward sex.  And one commonality seems to be, for me, that I start chatting with someone, enjoy him “enough” by chat, and then agree to plans that day/evening because we both happen to have it free and I’m horny.

Yesterday I found myself doing this.  I’d exchanged a message or two with the guy the night before.  But mostly was messaging yesterday. And he was interesting enough.  I suggested meeting by his place (it was on my way home) for a drink.  He suggested a walk.  I don’t *need* a drink. But I do find walks, often, are awkward.  I asked if he had condoms if we decided to take things back to his place.  He didn’t.  And that’s when the lightbulb went off…this guy isn’t used to this kind of thing.  He might be a great guy. But he’s not used to sex with a virtual stranger.  And while nothing about the guy seemed creepy…I felt like “been there, done this. There is almost 0% chance that this ends in good sex.  It’s rushed. It’s awkward. And it’s with someone who doesn’t know the basics of casual sex…like, having condoms on hand” (I usually have condoms somewhere in my bag. Didn’t yesterday).

So, I cancelled.  And he was confused and obviously annoyed (though, seriously, I cancelled within about an hour of saying I’d meet. I don’t buy the reasoning that you moved things around for me. And even if you did, I wasn’t comfortable. So that’s enough).  He wasn’t a jerk. Just didn’t understand.  I tried to explain and he accepted it. But still made his annoyance clear.  I did say maybe we could meet during the day on Saturday. We’ll see.  I don’t know.  I didn’t like that he wasn’t more understanding of my cancellation.  If a guy cancels on me, I never guilt trip him.  If he doesn’t enthusiastically want to have sex with me, then that’s enough reason to not push things.

So I texted a guy I’ve seen a couple times before.  He needs a nickname. I’ll call him the Baseball Player b/c he’s in some kind of fairly serious, but not pro, league.  Baseball Player immediately texted back.  He was getting off work at 7.  Could come over…and we had awesome sex. Our sex is rather vanilla in many respects, but we do have awesome chemistry and I like how his body works.  Sex with him is reliably amazing.  And it was comfortable. And easy. And enjoyable..

So I’m happy I took a step back from the first guy. It’s not easy to say “no, I don’t want this” when it’s not a strong “no”, but more of a “I’m not that excited about this” no.  But it’s good to do it.



Another article I like…

I don’t know my number. I don’t care about it.  How does one “count” – does it only count if a penis is in a vagina? What about same sex sex? Does it count as soon as you’re naked? Does it count if you both have orgasms? Counting is stupid to me. So I can relate to this:

To me, sexual context will always matter more than the quantity of partners any individual has accumulated. Do you treat your partners with respect? Do you treat yourself with respect? Are you safe? Are you enthusiastic? Did you just “go with the flow” because it was easier, when you really didn’t want to have sex? That makes me nervous. Do you always have sex drunk or because you’re searching for a compliment? Do you manipulate people to get them into bed?

These are my red flags. If none of those boxes are checked, and you’ve been lucky enough to find a lot of people who wanted to have sex with you as much as you wanted to have sex with them, well, all I can say is bravo! Also, what’s your secret?