Felt kinda like college…

Because I had all these weird boundaries in college re: what was acceptable and not sexually.

Last night I met up with this guy I had been talking to for a long time. He lives in another state, but comes to my city for business, and he seemed nice and fun.  I’d had the terrible night of men on Saturday, so I was hoping for normal last night.

I arrived at the bar and he looked like his pics, although his teeth sort of bugged me. They were clean and cared for, but too small for his mouth. But when he didn’t smile, he was super hot. So I was on the fence initially (I rarely am on the fence).  But he was really nice. Really normal. Really complimentary. And I knew he had a dick injury from too much jacking off, so sex was off the table, but he was open to pleasuring me. So I decided to go back to his hotel room.

The kissing was surprisingly good. And he undressed me and, like most guys, was pretty gaga over my breasts (they aren’t small. At all).  And he was beyond complimentary re: almost everything else. My (post-holiday fat thighs even got a shout out…So did my ears!)

And he did manage to get me off several times, as I soaked his bed completely. And there was something pretty hot about being totally naked while he was (mostly) dressed and taking care of me and I could just be lazy.

I’m fine that he doesn’t live in town. He’s not the type of guy I want to see several times a month. But he was definitely worth the uber to see him and it was really nice to end the weekend with a normal guy.


3 thoughts on “Felt kinda like college…

  1. Damn!! How does someone get a dick injury from too much jacking off? I have never head of that before, don’t you think they would know they are doing damage?


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