Can’t decide how I feel…

On Friday, I met a guy I had canceled on a few times b/c I had a cold.  OF COURSE, Friday, Yummy Guy texted and asked if I was available that night, but alas, I didn’t want to cancel on this super nice guy who had to think I was already fake, yet again. So no Yummy Guy, tho he would have definitely been more fun.

We really hadn’t talked much about sex in messaging. I just had a good feeling about him, he seemed nice and interesting, so I figured I wanted to meet him. I showed up and Nice Guy was much more attractive than I expected him to be, so that’s a good start.  And the conversation seemed to flow easily, though I know I was talking a lot. But sometimes I really don’t care if I seem to make it all about me because, honestly, this type of dating is all kind of all about me.

After a couple hours of talking and some drinks, we decided to get the check. He insisted on paying, which was sweet. And asked if he could walk me home. I figured that was a good sign in terms of interest, but when we got to my place, he seemed kind of hesitant. So I kissed him. And he definitely kissed back. The kissing was actually really really good. So I invited him in, and he eagerly accepted.

But this is where it was…meh. The kissing before we got naked was quite good. No surprise. And he looked good as he was getting naked and even better naked…

He had warned me as we were getting into it that he was “out of practice”…and I guess that was true. I was just starting to get into some kind of rhythm and he came. Sigh. Probably all of 5 minutes. And he didn’t go down on me or anything after.

I think he’s just kind of inexperienced with sex. He said he was in a long-term relationship and I wonder if she was his main partner and it’s been awhile since sex as an act that needs attention for just SEX has been a thing he does. He seems open, but…inexperienced.

So I don’t know. He’s cute. He’s sweet. He’s respectful.  He has a nice dick. But I don’t know if I want to train him.


My cat cockblocked my pussy…

I just had to use that headline.

Although it is kinda true.  On Friday, I met this new guy. We’d messaged back in the Spring and never met, and then we matched on Bumble a week or so ago, exchanged a few messages and decided to meet. I was feeling very lazy, so I said he could just come over (after sending all his info to a friend).

When he showed up, he looked younger than I expected, but was attractive in a gangly way. He’s only 24, so…I guess he is young. But he sounds like he’s done a lot with his life, so despite looking young, he didn’t SEEM young. We sat down on my couch with some drinks and my dogs were always all about the attention, but I was pretty sure he was interested…I was taking longer to decide if I was than I usually do. But by the time he told me that I was hotter than he thought I’d be, I’d decided I was open to it.

We actually had no trouble talking and 2 hours later, we still were just talking. We eventually went to my room where things proceeded quickly, and then ended quickly.  He was quite massive and I actually had to do some adjusting to get comfortable with how his cock fit in me (but it was a beautiful cock). And then…he looked over and saw my cat sitting near the bed, making eye contact with him…and he lost his erection).

So, bummer. I’d see him again if it works out. If it doesn’t, it’s also fine. I didn’t experience enough of him and sex to know if it’s worth it or if he needs more practice (given that he’s on the young side).