Oh, well that was good

On Wednesday I was at a conference and got a message from a guy who seemed fine, but not amazing, in his initial message.  Tbh, I can’t even remember it.  But since I was at a conference all day, I decided to message him because I was bored. And I was glad I did.  Our first messages ended up being about him asking questions what it’s like to be a woman in my profession and expressing his admiration for my ability to battle the patriarchy.  He was a lot younger, but he was very open to a real conversation about sexism and misogyny.  So, of course, I was smitten…esp when I kept looking at his pics and liked what I saw. Nothing flashy, but I really liked his face.  When he later sent naked pics, I liked what I saw even more. Normally I’m attracted to creative men (he’s in the film industry), but I get weird about meeting them b/c I have a nice place, I’m “the establishment”, and that can make things weird. But since he thought it was hot that I was a professional and successful, I was more comfortable.

We met for drinks this afternoon near me on a patio I like. And we had what, to me, was a great conversation about politics and society. I kind of believe if you’re not willing to talk politics, sex, and religion right away, you’ll probably bore me.  He held his own on politics. Not always agreeing with me, but being open to hearing from me.  Indeed, we talked so long that I was wondering if we’d end up going back to my place.

Finally, almost 2 hours later, we did.  The initial kissing wasn’t amazing, but it was fine.  But once he started touching me and licking, I was blown away.  He seemed to know just the right pressure and he’s one of a select group of men who have managed to help me along to my 3 different types of orgasms without any real instructions from me.  His cock wasn’t huge but it seemed to work incredibly well and hit me perfectly…so it was an amazing afternoon of good conversation and good sex.  With a guy 17 years younger than me.  I feel so relaxed….

Oh, and his name is the same as Trump Hat Guy’s name…definite upgrade. Hopefully I’ll see him again. He brought it up and I think he meant it. We’ll see.


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