That weird feeling when you realize your ex-bf has a bf

Back in 2013, I dated a guy for a few months. He was really my last real relationship – as in, we were dating each other, no one else, talked about the future, etc.  It ended because he was in his late 30s and just didn’t seem to know what he wanted from a relationship.
He was great on paper. Successful. Educated. Super super nice. Did lots of charity work.  Attractive. Athletic.  He was also always mistaken for being gay, which I didn’t care about. He talked about it a lot -how much he didn’t care, but how weird it was. I mean, I knew why everyone thought he was gay. He seemed super gay. But he also LOVED my pussy.  I had never seen a guy look at my pussy with such adoration.

Maybe a year ago, he texted me out of the blue.  I got the distinct vibe he was trying to see if I was open to getting back together. I wasn’t. He was a good guy, but only relationship material. He had the smallest penis I’ve ever seen IRL and HUGE balls and I hated how it looked together. And I couldn’t even feel when he was penetrating me (luckily, he was fantastic at oral).

Today FB suggested we should be friends (thanks FB…that’s creepy, but not the point). And I start scrolling thru b/c who wouldn’t. And it’s pretty damn obvious he’s dating a man (and the guy isn’t even hot). I mean, a few pics could be explained away as just friends. And then it became more and more obvious.

And it’s weird. I mean, I LOVE hooking up with bi men. But this, this seemed different. Maybe, in part, b/c the guy he’s dating isn’t attractive to me. Or maybe because I really did think my ex was straight.  I don’t know what it is. But it’s weird. And I feel guilty that I care. I’m not upset. But my world view has been shaken up a bit. At the same time, I am happy for him if he’s happy. And he looks to be. So. Ultimately that’s the most important thing.


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