Sex is the best

I mean, really, it is. Or can be.  I had a couple weeks of strep throat recovery, low energy, and low libido.  But this weekend I started feeling more normal. I was supposed to meet one guy on Saturday, but I got caught up in work (and he was only available during the day) and I asked if we could meet Sunday. Unfortunately our schedules only lined up for a 1/2 hour or so on Sunday, so I met him. He was attractive. Nicer than I feared he might be. But we didn’t have much time. He said he wanted to meet again, but we’ll see I think we all know about that kind of statement. Could be real…or not.

And Trump Hat Guy had talked about getting together….but, of course, he was a flake. He texted some, but didn’t seem to have any time. So finally, I just told him we shouldn’t be in touch anymore b/c he’s just not that nice to me. And…it felt good to say that. Yes, we have some kind of crazy connection in person. And I do think he legitimately cares about me as much as he can.  But he’s not capable of being a nice person to me other than when we’re actually together. Which is rare. And that’s stupid for me to waste emotional energy on that. So. I’m done. I haven’t heard back. I know I will at some point. I just hope I stay strong.

In between, I was texting a guy I had hooked up with before.  He finally found a place in the city and only lives about a mile from me. But he was traveling a bunch. Then I was sick…and we had finally decided to meet up Tuesday or Wed this week.  On Tuesday at about 4, I heard from hot bi guy who was proposing a 3some for that night with a guy who I had messaged with a bunch a year or so ago, but we had never gotten together b/c, at the time, the guy was really only into group stuff and I didn’t have a group to provide. Unfortunately, he got stuck at work and the 3some didn’t happen on Tuesday and, in the process, I had moved the previous hookup to last night.

So yesterday I was in a bad mood all day. I’m just sick of all the societal misogyny. And sometimes it gets to me. It had gotten to me. For sure. But I was also incredibly horny all day.  I was exhausted, got home late, but still wanted to get laid…so finally he came over around 9:15. He was hotter and in better shape than I remembered. Which is definitely a good surprise. And the chemistry was still so intense. We ended up just making out by my front door for quite awhile when he first arrived. He walks the line between being rough and sensual that I really enjoy.  And he’s ALL about me getting off. As many times as he can get me off. In short, the sex is fantastic. And after…I felt like the sky had opened and I could breathe again. I have more patience, less tension, I’m in a better mood…sex is the best. Really. It is.


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