Productive Saturday…and the Return of Trump Hat Guy

Yesterday morning I traveled about 2 1/2 hours to speak to a group about activism in the Post-Trump World. Then I went home and fucked a Trump voter…sigh…(and then someone after that).

After Wednesday, I decided to get in touch with Trump Hat Guy about a 3some with the super hot bi guy who was part of Wednesday.  THG was into being fucked by a hot guy with a nice cock and, well, super hot bi guy is about as good as it’s going to get for that.  And since I prefer bi MMFs…and super hot bi guy was into the idea, decided to reach out.

THG was moderately in touch for a couple days, but annoyingly uncommunicative.  Then yesterday on my way back from the group, I got a text from him. He was interested in the 3some…but he wanted to see me and hang out with me before anything with a 3rd.  I had plans last night with someone I was actually interested in meeting, which I told him…he said he would come over before that if I’d let him. I was skeptical, as he *never* has ever shown up on time. and I didn’t have a lot of time, so…I didn’t see how that would work.  But I told him if he was at my place at 5, I would give him an hour or so.

And he actually showed up at 5:01 (I’ll take it). He walked in the door and we just started kissing. It didn’t feel like it had been 6-7 months. It felt like we had just seen each other. And of course we were fucking and then naked (yes, we didn’t even really wait) within minutes. After, we talked for like an hour or so. I emphasized that I don’t want the drama we’ve had…I can’t do it. He said he gets that and he promises it will be better. I’m still, of course, wary. And I told him it would take me time to believe that to be the case. He said he understood…and he was also excited that I might go fuck someone else after him if I liked the guy.

After a long day and being well fucked by THG, I wasn’t that into getting ready to go meet the new guy, who I’ll call ex-Hollywood Guy. But he had interested me. He was only 25, looked super hot, and seemed very cool. But I DID want to meet him, so I sucked it up and got dressed (I didn’t shower again…oops). I got there a couple min before him, texted him where I was and when he showed up, he was hotter than I expected and more charming.  Within minutes he was telling me that I was much hotter than my pics and the first person he had met who was. So we had a drink, flirted, and then went back to my place. He was a fantastic kisser, fantastic with his hands…the sex was a little bit less natural than it sometimes is. I don’t know if that was us, his age showing, or just that I’d just been with someone I had a very comfortable sexual vibe with.  After sex, we talked a bit and then he said he’d let me go to sleep (I was grateful)…and I texted THG to let him know that yes, I had fucked the other guy, and he seemed turned on.

So, while some people might be like “omg, you fucked 2 guys in a day, back to back!”, I kind of don’t see that as a big deal. I’m more weirded out that I still have a connection with THG…so we’ll see what plays out. Hopefully I’ll get that bi mmf with him tho…


6 thoughts on “Productive Saturday…and the Return of Trump Hat Guy

  1. Perhaps i need to read more of your blogs to fully understand, but…

    The fucking two guys in one day isnt shocking (in fact its refreshing to hear a woman talking candidly about being into that kind of thing), and even doing a guy who voted for the very swine you were organising against is understandable…i guess… But he actually was the kind who WORE THE HAT? !

    Maybe it’s because I’m English and we dont tend to wear political hats, but for me that would be a bridge too far. Plus now I’m visualising him as actually wearing the hat during sex…!

    No offence intended, each to their own… some day soon I will post my story about turning down group sex with a bunch of UKIP voters, by way of contrast, and we can compare notes!

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    1. The reason he has that nickname is because before we ever met, when I googled him, I found a pic of him wearing that awful hat…he has never worn it in person and I suspect ordered the hat just to be provocative…I doubt he’s ever worn it (tho, to be fair, I have a Hillary hat that I still wear).

      Part of why I met him was b/c I knew he wanted to be pegged and there was something about pegging a Trump fan that was appealing…

      We did discuss Trump a bit yesterday and he’s not happy with his policies overall (bit surprise). As I suspected at the time, he was just trying to be provocative in most of his fandom.


    1. Had he reached out for the first time NOW, I doubt I would have ever met him. But since I met him when I assumed Hillary would win and during a period where I had to swear off Bernie-bros b/c they kept screaming at me on dates…and he respected my opinions and would listen to me…well, we got along. He got in touch with me a couple weeks after the election and I definitely couldn’t deal with him then. I told him Saturday I was doing a lot of work with grassroots groups emerging. I don’t think he was surprised. So…Idk. Whatever there is between us has a shelf-life, whatever that is. So I’m trying not to worry about it too much. Sex is great. I enjoy talking to him. He respects me.


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