I needed that…

I’ve gone dark for awhile. I’ve been super busy as one of the people really involved in the resistance to DT’s administration and have been caught up in that. Saw one of my FWBs a few times, but it was good solid, B+ sex. Nothing to write about, but nice. A couple weeks ago, I met a local actor for a drink in the middle of the day with my dogs (at a bar that allows dogs). It was nice. Very easy. I thought he was attractive, but I couldn’t tell what he thought of me.  We walked out together, he was kind of like “well, I don’t know how you feel” and was sort of the same…so I messaged him my number, since he seemed un-stalkery and finally he texted me a few days later.

I still wasn’t sure when we made plans for him to come over last night. Would it be awkward? good? no chemistry? He arrived and it was sort of just friendly chat and finally I kind of made the move to kiss him, but he took over from there. And wow…so good. I don’t know if he’s just really skilled or we had great chemistry, or what. But I felt like it was just one giant orgasm.  He definitely knew how to touch me, where to touch me…and his dick was amazing. It was definitely what I needed. I’ve been so stressed with so many balls in the air that I just needed to get out of my head for a bit. And that I did.

Again with the awkward leaving tho…he kind of said an “I’ll see you” and I said “yeah, I’m game to do this again”, and well, who knows if I’ll see the Actor again. I think probably? I think he had fun…he hung out awhile and talked after. He’s super busy. I’m super busy…it could be a good occasional release.


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