My mojo seems to have come back…

After my post-election sexile (sex exile, obvs) was lifted by me, I didn’t have much luck actually getting action.  I met one guy…annnnnnd…he couldn’t get hard. Which of course I took personally (though I probably shouldn’t).  I pegged him, but it was awkward as I realize first time sex with pegging CAN work, but only if you know a person’s fantasies well (wondering if I can say “do you like my big cock” without offense is awkward).

I had some other dates fall through due to poor communication or things coming up, and I was just feeling like “I AM NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN”.  Somewhere along the line, I set up meeting up with this hot couple I had been talking to awhile and that was coming up for this past Friday.  I was kind of wondering if I could go from what felt like zero to threesome, but realized I needed to…

So the pics of the couple were difficult to know for sure how hot they were. In some, they looked amazing.  In some, just ok.  But when they walked in, I saw they were smoking. Both of them.  Just what I like in men and women.  And they were ready to go back to my place after one drink…she took control by suggesting spin the bottle (using a lube bottle of course) on my bed.  I kissed her twice (hey, the bottle knows what it wants) and then kissed him.  So the ice was pretty well broken and we all ended up naked rather quickly.  And it was definitely fun.  His cock was, well, amazing.  And she loved watching.  But everyone seemed to have fun. I know I did.  But couples are always a little hard to know how to judge as they’re in it for a one-time fantasy and I’m the tool to that. I’m good with that! But it’s different than a single person.

But that brought some swagger back for me. I remembered how to have sex with both men AND women.  On Friday, I had also started texting a guy I had last hooked up with in probably April. Sex with him was always great. But we don’t have any kind of connection besides our bodies just working very well together.  So late Saturday morning, he texts, asking if I was available…and I decided to swing by his place before a haircut for me.  And the sex was as amazing as it always was. With him, sex is more vanilla than it often is for me, but it’s just good.  We have similar energy and it just…works.

I tried for another round today with someone new. It was…fine. He came quickly.  Too quickly. And I kind of felt like I had corrupted him. I think he was less comfortable with casual sex than he let on and he really just was in desperate need of sex (he had a FANTASTIC body that was completely hidden by baggy clothes).  So, maybe I gave him some swagger. I don’t intend to see him again (nice guy, but…boring).

So, I guess my mojo is back. FINALLY. If I’m going to get through a Trump admin relatively sane and energized to fight it, I need all the sex I can get.