I’ve been thinking a lot about all those white women who voted for Trump…

And I feel sorry for them. Now, I’m sure a portion of them had some kind of policy-based reason for voting (however lame I think it is). But I think many of them voted for them because their power in society is rooted in their relationships to men. It is not independent of men. I’ve done everything I can to end that dependence in my life. Not to say a woman can’t have independent power and be married/in a relationship with a man (absolutely believe a woman can), but by completely rejecting relationships, as I really have done, I feel like I’ve gained so much more power in all aspects of my life. Men aren’t a necessary part of my life. They are interesting insofar as they serve a role to me that I find useful, but it is never a necessary and indispensable role.

Anyway, found this piece interesting. It hits on many of the same topics…

(sorry for the diversion from sex talk. My feminism and my non-monogamy are inextricably linked)


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