Busy Sunday

Well, yesterday ended up being a busy day.  Originally I was supposed to meet a guy who I had had good convos with, but he ghosted the day before.  Whatever.  I mean, it’s annoying, but I’m not going to worry about it. So I had been trying to find a time to meet another guy who was mildly interesting…but then when I found out he had spent time in the DRC became instantly interesting to me (I’ve spent a lot of time in Africa).  He was messaging me Friday night when he mentioned this, and I thought my Sunday was totally full and he couldn’t do my available times on Saturday…so I was at a loss. And then he sort of made everything seem worse b/c Saturday morning he got into the “well, you don’t actually seem interested in meeting” temper tantrum mode. Which I HATE. Esp when it’s in the midst of legitimately just having a lot going on. I kind of told him off (nicely, very nicely, expressed boundaries) and expected to be deleted. But to his credit, he came back with an apology.  Just said he was into meeting me. So I invited him to a concert the next day that I had an extra ticket to and he seemed excited…

But then yesterday he asked if I minded if he skipped the concert b/c he had to be up early Monday for a flight. Now, I get that. Totally, but it did annoy me that he didn’t say that the day before.  But, because of the Africa thing, I was still really interested in meeting him. It’s rare I find people I find genuinely potentially interesting…so I told him I could meet him for a couple hours in the afternoon.  Despite the fact he annoyed me.  I kind of figured, I would know right away when he showed up, thumbs up or thumbs down. He had impressed me with his ability to be criticized. But he also seemed pushy in a lot of ways.

So, I was sitting at our designated meeting spot (a park near me) and he walked up…and at first I kind of thought “oh shit” when I saw him across the street. But as he got closer, I realized he actually has a great smile and nice face. But he looked kind of ragged – I guess he has bad allergies and they had been esp brutal the past few days.  So we ducked into a bar. And he was super nice, I had a good vibe off him, but then he got a call that he had to take outside and I thought “ok, is that the fake call thing I’ve heard about?”…but he came back. And did end up asking what I thought about him and I was honest that I had a much better vibe in person than I had by messaging. He seemed equally interested, so we paid the tab and went back to my place. I was impressed he had me naked as quickly as he did. Less impressed that he came very quickly. And disappointed that he looked so freaking miserable (red eyes, face, runny nose, etc) that I sent him home (he’s allergic to cats, I have cats). But he seemed/said he was into trying again at his place.  And I am too.

But that left me with about an hour and a half before I had to leave to go to a concert…and I was horny. 😀 Trade Up Guy  had been messaging earlier (we’ve messaged off and on, never have managed to hook up again) and I told him what happened…He offered to come by.  So I said if he could come over right then, yeah, absolutely.  He told me he’d message when close, but to leave my door open and he’d walk in and find me on my bed on all fours…I’d never done that kind of thing before, but why not? So, that’s exactly what happened.  He came in, started licking me and playing with me.  We ended up getting in close to an hour of sex before I had to get ready and leave to go to a concert.  So…5 different guys since last Sunday, but only one was new. It doesn’t really feel like it was *that* crazy…and I definitely had A LOT of good orgasms.


4 thoughts on “Busy Sunday

  1. You make me want to be an ethical slut again. For the past few months I’ve been too busy to explore my urges, but getting caught up on your adventures makes me long for the days/nights filled with mind blowing orgasms and fun. Thanks for living your truth and being awesome.

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    1. I started this blog to have some voice in normalizing sex of all types as something “normal” people do. It’s not irresponsible as long as everyone is enjoying it and there is transparency. I’ll stop this approach when it stops being fun. And I do take breaks from it at times…

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