You’re not entitled to my attention


Not exactly on point, but I just saw this and was thinking about the audacity of men who seem like they deserve my attention, simply because they message me or something. And it is almost always men older than me who are the worst offenders.  And some of the worst of the worst are men who are outside my stated age range who declare themselves to be feminists and sex positive. I haven’t really had the issue with obnoxious, angry messages that some women seem to get on dating sites. But the underlying expectation that I am desperate for what they have to give me is constant…and a turn off. And also, well, wrong.



4 thoughts on “You’re not entitled to my attention

    1. Thank you 🙂
      The interesting thing is, it not only feeds my resolve to just not care what they think, but it transfers into day to day where I see (some/many) men just being entitled and I notice it more, which means I can better tackle it when I feel like taking it on.

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