And the MMF finally happened…

And it was fun. Easy. Far less of a thing than what was built up in my head, but just as hot.

I headed over to Cat’s place this afternoon and the other bi guy (I guess he needs a name…BG. Not creative, sorry) got there a few min later.  We all hung out, having a drink and chatting and it was super comfortable. I genuinely liked talking to them. We talked about sex, we talked about work. Politics. Etc.  Finally, when BG was in the bathroom, Cat came over and we started making out on his couch…then when Cat got back, he joined in.  Just everyone making out with everyone, hands everywhere…and finally we went to the bedroom and all got naked. I don’t know how to describe it because it was hard to keep track of what was happening.  Just mouths and fingers everywhere…BG fucked Cat.  Both fucked me (though didn’t do DVP or DP).  Everyone had oral with everyone…

And it was super hot, but the funniest thing (to me) was how normal it was.  I thought maybe it would seem kind of forced or awkward…nope.  It was just…lots of touching, lots of things to watch, and it was comfortable.  The only problem now is that it was so comfortable and nice, I’m going to want to do this again and again 🙂

But there are worse problems to have.

Oh, and one funny note – when I got to Cat’s place, I was waiting for him to come to the building door.  He lives on a busy, major street. Out of the corner of my eye, I see…the head business person in my firm. Who certainly knows me.  I kind of ducked my head and hoped he wouldn’t see me. I wasn’t 100% sure it was actually him until he walked past me and I could tell from behind that it was him.  I guess it’s totally legit that I’d be going to visit a friend, but I did not want to explain that one.


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