Damn…I needed that

I have been kind of off dating/sex for a few weeks. Trump Hat Guy ghosted and I had a few no shows. Then I was traveling a lot and didn’t want to deal…but in the past couple weeks, I’ve felt more open to meeting people again.  I started messaging today’s date, I’ll call him…Cat b/c his name is actually one of my cat’s names (my cats have human names).  So, Cat and I started messaging Friday or so last week when I was traveling.  At first it was that stilted boring messaging, but I mentioned that I thought straight-ish guys having sex was super hot…and the next day he messaged me to tell me about the night before when he met up with a guy and had, well, hot sex.  Of course this piqued my interest. What can I say…I like what I like.  And the messaging sort of continued from there. We were really just clicking…sexually, but also just I liked our communication vibe. I was out of town last weekend, so we finally met today.  I think I had expectations…we’d clicked so well, but you never know.

I actually went over to his place and we went for a walk, grabbed some Bloody Mary’s, and it was all comfortable. I didn’t feel insane chemistry, but I liked him. He isn’t exactly my type, but he was cute. And I certainly wasn’t unattracted.  Over Bloody Mary’s, he told me that he had been in a bad motorcycle accident. I asked if he still had any issues with it…and that’s when I learned his leg was actually amputated. Hadn’t even noticed (and weirdly, after talking to him for an hour or two, and several hours of sex, I only AFTER noticed he was missing a couple fingers on one hand). Anyway, that’s not really a big deal, just interesting.

We went back to his place and were just hanging out with drinks. I was thinking…I like talking to him, but so far, despite very explicit conversations, he’s not making any moves. I was wondering what the deal was. But then when he came back from grabbing another drink, he started kissing me.  And it was hot. It was like, instant physical compatibility. It just worked.  Eventually we got to his bedroom and I don’t even know what happened, but it was the best sex I’ve had in close to a year. Everything just worked. I even found a new type of orgasm…it was kind of like a g spot orgasm, but I just kept cumming and cumming for 5-10 minutes at least. And his bed was beyond soaked.  Toys were involved, I pegged him, he ate me out with a dildo in me (beyond amazing)…I need to check for bruises and bite marks. He was dominant in a good way…I am almost never satiated sexually. I have a lot of stamina and like to just keep going. I was just done, but we had probably had sex for 3 hours, I’m guessing.

So, yeah. I needed that.  And I’m sure I’ll be seeing him again. Oh, and he is a HUGE Hillary fan. Not just a reluctant supporter. Hot.





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