5 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Love this! I only keep casual sex partners around if they are good in bed. Over the past couple years, I have come up with some testing points to determine if I will even sleep with a guy. Like the way he texts, to his body language, kissing style, foreplay, and before I fuck a guy, 90% of the time I make sure that they can eat me well. If he’s no good at oral sex or at least doesn’t take his time down there to at least try to be good, he isn’t worth fucking. There have literally been times I have walked out on guys because they didn’t attempt any foreplay or were terrible at eating me and just expected to get their dick wet.

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    1. I learned from Dan Savage that I’m apparently a gay male bc I always ask what a guy is into before I even contemplate sex with them (and he said that’s standard among gay men, not so much other people). If the guy can’t talk about specifics and just says “I don’t know. Sex”, forget it. Good sex requires thinking about what makes it good. And being comfortable talking about it. I’ve definitely slept with guys I should have walked out on based on kissing. I’m definitely doing that more.

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      1. I’ve talked about sex before hand with several guys, but I think that’s the kink in me, I need to know if they can handle my kinky side. And yea, good point on if a guy can’t talk specifics, that is definitely a red flag. A kiss can tell a lot! Don’t expect their sex game to be good if they can’t even get kissing down.

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      2. I don’t like being bored. If a guy can’t answer the “what are you into?” question in a way that makes me want to know more, I doubt he’s going to make me not think “ok, who is in my bed again, b/c this sex is essentially interchangeable with anyone else”.
        I get that might be a little unfair to guys that are sexually skilled, but maybe not into texting or whatever, but if you can’t make the effort to make me wonder about more, I doubt you’ll make the effort in bed.

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