What’s too young?

When I was working out yesterday, I realized that if I added the ages together of the 2 guys I had sex with last week, their combined age was only about 9 years older than me…closer than I am to either of them. I’m fine with that. I have a few friends who have husbands 15-20 years older and that seems like no big deal…but I don’t know anyone with the situation flipped.

I find younger guys are more respectful of me. Maybe because we’re at different points in life, there is less competition. And younger guys tend to be kinkier, more open-minded, more into casual…it just works for me. I didn’t expect that to be the case, and had NO idea that all these younger guys were into older women.  I look at pics of myself from my 20s and while I was certainly hotter (IMO), I didn’t have the confidence I do now. So I get it. It’s just a little weird when I see a guy and know that the last woman he slept with was close to 20 years younger than me…am I in competition with these women? I don’t want to be.

So what’s too young? I have sort of arbitrarily set the age at 24, though I haven’t hooked up with anyone younger than 26. My thinking has been that the brain is fully developed around 24, so I’m not taking advantage of someone improperly. But one male podcaster in his late 20s who I listen to thinks that all women over 45 (not there yet) should fuck a college-age person at some point to show them how to have good sex…It makes sense to me. But I haven’t done that and don’t know that I could. So I don’t know what is too young. And I don’t know that I could get into a guy younger than 25/26…but I never thought a 26 yr old would actually be more than a fuck buddy to me and, well, Trump Hat Guy has made me question that. So I don’t know what is too young if a guy seemed mature (I mean, obviously someone would be a legal adult, that’s a given. I mean beyond that).


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