When the world of a big city is too small

I live in a big city. I’ll leave it at that. It’s big. It has real public transportation. I have literally never randomly run into basically any of my friends at a place where it wasn’t likely they were going to be. This has to be understood for this next part.

So the comedian I referenced awhile back (maybe at some point I’ll link) had started things up with me through Facebook. So we’re FB friends. Since our hookup, we talked about getting together once awhile back, a long while back, and it didn’t happen. And that’s totally fine b/c I’ve really only remained FB friends with him to hatewatch his FB page. He’s kind of jumped the alt-right shark…for awhile, I thought it was a targeted commentary on the alt-left hypocrisy and now I think he’s full on drunk the kool-aid. A month or two ago, he posted something intentionally inflammatory. Since he has a bunch of liberal friends, they were arguing and I noticed one asshole chiming in with just completely misogynistic, stupid, and bigoted crap. I don’t know why, but I clicked on his profile.

And he was this guy.   I scrolled through all the public pics to make sure it really was the same guy. It definitely was (ok, I didn’t get his last name at the time, just his first, and frankly I had forgotten it).  And I’ve noticed he brags all the time about how amazing he is at sex. And frankly, he was just fine. I mean, he had followed up once or twice about getting together again and I decided that really, in retrospect, he wasn’t worth the effort (and he smelled too much of wayyyy too much smoking).  So now he ruins the hate watching of the comedian’s FB page b/c he’s always talking about “laying pipe” or whatever.

I *assume* they don’t know they both had sex with me (since I’m close to 10 years older than both of them, I would imagine they wouldn’t even guess our paths would cross), but who knows. And it really doesn’t matter. Neither of them have tried anything creepy through FB, so I don’t think either are terrible people in the one on one sense. But every time his dumbass comments pop up in my feed I just have to shake my head that the world is too small sometimes.


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