FINALLY naked time

Awhile back (maybe even June), I went out with a charming Canadian who had recently had a vasectomy…that wasn’t healed. So we had a charming, flirty date until he started fidgeting and said he had to go (I knew the situation).  He’s a committed non-monogamous guy and I felt we had a flirty friendship without much potential for deep attachment brewing. Perfect.  So we set up another date and he really thought he’d be able to at least engage in oral…but he wasn’t healing well and he didn’t even want to risk an erection b/c of the pain.  So we went to a movie I wanted to see anyway and it was lovely and flirty. Then he was out of town, and I was out of town, and schedules weren’t lining up…

Finally we found a time that lined up! Tonight! He could stop by on his way home from being out of town.  He’s not 100% healed, but he thought oral would work.  It was kind of an interesting dynamic. Definitely like, ok, we’re friends and we’re going to get naked and do stuff to each other and laugh…

He went down on me and used my favorite glass dildo to make me squirt all over.  It was very satisfying. I knew he didn’t feel he had had a good blow job in a long long long time, so I felt pressure was on.  He was craving one and I’ve always thought that blow jobs were one of my skills…but no one says “you’re only ok at that”, so who knows.  But I could tell right away he was digging my style.  And then my dogs start barking at the bedroom door because one of my cats was by the door and the dogs were upset at the cat or some kind of dog logic.  Anyway, he couldn’t concentrate and I think I got up 3 times to get the dogs to, you know, let us have sex.

He finally came and he has texted me that it was deeply satisfying, so I feel like that was a good assessment of my skills 🙂

He and I don’t have sizzling chemistry, but we have fun, flirty, honest chemistry and that’s a really good person to have in my, uh, lineup. And while it wasn’t crazy sex, it was good and a very relaxing orgasm.  And I think I needed that.


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