Meh. Perhaps I should give up altogether on men older than me…another bust; or, how I am fucking sick of blindly misogynistic “liberals”

Last night I met a guy who is a few years older than me for a drink. Based on pics, he looked younger than his age and seemed active. And he’s lived all over the world. So I figured I would give him a shot, despite the fact I never seem to click with men older than me.

When I showed up, he looked like his pics and I was pleasantly surprised by that.  Conversation was a bit dry to begin with – work, etc. But that’s fine. I get that my proposition for dating is a bit out of the ordinary and the rules are difficult to know.  Finally he starts actually flirting, telling me that he’s glad I agreed to meet him out, etc. We talk a bit about sex. Ok, I’m feeling like he’s a potential.

Then he says he voted for Bernie. That’s fine. But I say I didn’t. I voted for Hillary. And that’s when the crap I cannot deal with from men who consider themselves liberal starts…how he doesn’t understand the emails, blah blah blah. I point out that she wanted a blackberry to do her job. He doesn’t believe this. I told him I could look it up on my phone to show him. He keeps talking. He says that he doesn’t understand deleting emails because literally no one would ever do that. I say Bush did that (I thought it was thousands, but reports are millions, whatever). He didn’t believe me because he hadn’t heard that.  He said that he didn’t understand why a .gov email address was being run out of her home. I said it wasn’t a .gov email address. He didn’t believe me. This is a very very very successful man who claims to be liberal. He claims he doesn’t care about spin, just facts. But when presented with facts, he disbelieved me. He relied on his own gut feeling about a woman who has been vilified for decades, rather than reconsider his position. I pointed out the misogyny of it. And he asked if I really thought that and I said I did because many of the criticisms waged against Hillary are things I’ve heard about myself throughout my career. He literally patted me on the shoulder to shush me.

No. I can talk politics with people I disagree with (see, Trump Hat Guy). But when I am dismissed and belittled for stating facts, and the facts are dismissed as they must be untrue because they run counter to beliefs based on incomplete or wrong facts, nope. I can’t do that. And especially when it perpetuates the misogyny of the left.  He said he’d text me. We’ll see. Part of me wants to turn him down. But I don’t want to have sex with him. Funny that a Trump fan can have a more respectful conversation about why I like Hillary than a Bernie fan. Well, it’s not funny. It’s sad. But I have no respect for the “left” who consume garbage and don’t examine their own biases. And if you can’t respect (don’t have to like, respect) a woman who has served as SOS, Senator, worked on legislation while FLOTUS, and did a lot of other bad ass shit, I’m not going to trust that you’ll respect me as a sex partner who is just as interested in enjoying sex as you are.


3 thoughts on “Meh. Perhaps I should give up altogether on men older than me…another bust; or, how I am fucking sick of blindly misogynistic “liberals”

    1. You know, I don’t mind a political convo with a bedmate (or potential for that). Indeed, it can be quite fun, even when we disagree. The key is respect for the other’s intelligence. The problem I find with men in their 40s is that a lot of them have no respect for me – they either are successful and sort of look down on everyone else and mansplain crap to me. Or they aren’t as successful and they get defensive. I swear a 40-something man who is comfortable in his own skin and has no need to mansplain would be incredibly attractive (all other things being equal-ish)

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      1. I understand your position…as a father of both men and women, I can only hope my men know how to be a good man, and my girls to not settle for something less!


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