A dick in the hand is worth 2 in the bush…or something like that

I’ve known for ages that 4th of July weekend would require a lot of work work on my part b/c of my schedule.  It was bound to happen and I made no solid plans.  But I have been hoping to see Trump Hat Guy.  But I’m getting mixed messages…kind of stand-offish (or busy and sick? as he claimed) during the week. Booty call text Friday night that I missed. Very very very hot texts yesterday. I don’t know. He’s a 27 yr old guy. They aren’t exactly known for being the best at clear communication and I’m not really worried he’s not interested. I do think the possibility might exist that he’s avoiding me because he’s not sure how he feels about me. Or maybe he’s busy. I keep reminding myself — time will tell. I won’t play games. Takes too much energy. And if that’s a problem, oh well. He is/was fun.

But I did get a text Friday that Superman, one of my favorite partners, was going to be working in my area on Saturday and would get off work around 2…So of course I said I’d love to see him. And it did not disappoint. He needed a shower when we got to my place and I obviously got in with him…and it was very very very fun.  When we got out, we moved to my bed where I proceeded to soak it (indeed, it was still wet when I went to bed).  He’s just a really really fun partner and I have no feelings beyond “fuck, he’s hot and his tongue is maybe the most talented tongue I’ve experienced”.  When THG texted me later, I told him that someone had just left…which he found very very hot (part of why I like him).
So, basically, I need to focus and get work done. I have 2-3 guys I might see tomorrow if I have time (I won’t see all 3. Maybe if I went crazy, 2).  And whoever of them is the sure thing will probably get the nod. It’s difficult to not make space for THG if he booty calls me again…but…we’ll figure this shit out if it’s meant to be figured out. In the meantime, I had great sex yesterday. That works.


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