Feelings are dumb

So, as I mentioned Monday, somehow I have, you know, feelings for Trump Hat Guy. Despite every reason not to have them…somehow, yeah. I mean, I recognize intellectually that I barely know him, most of the feelings are based on just a gut response that is attraction/chemistry, but I still have them. We’ve all been there, right? But somehow I thought I was past that part of my life where stuff like this would sneak up on me because it has literally been years since I had those types of feelings for anyone I’ve met. At most I’ve had a passing fondness or 24-hour crush. ย This is a “let me google him” crush. Ugh.

So, the stupid feelings…we exchanged a few texts on Monday. And then silence. So, in my head, I’m like “I bet he’s just playing a game…what happened…ugh” and I was kind of sad yesterday about it. ย Until I got a text from him last evening that he’d been swamped at work. Still wants to hang out. He’s around all weekend, but hopes to see me before then…and then I’m happy.

Like, seriously. I should not fucking care if a 27-yr old guy who (ewww) voted for Trump in the primary texts me back. This should be about fucking and nothing more. But somehow the universe has a sense of humor and he’s the one who has captured my interest…sigh. ย I guess I have to let it play out.


10 thoughts on “Feelings are dumb

      1. I don’t see how they are exclusive of each other…indeed, I’d say you have to respect and trust a partner (just as she would have to respect and trust you) for the situation to really work…no? I find most kinkier people have a better understanding or respect, boundaries, and (often) feminism than more vanilla folks. Total generalization and there are exceptions on both sides.


      1. The disturbing thing is that this guy is smart and has thought about things. Ugh. It makes for interesting convo, but Trump??? (He did say he was disappointed Trump was in Scotland and didn’t try to participate in a Pride event and that he might ultimately vote HRC)


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