How NOT to impress me…

This morning, I had a message from a guy about my age who appeared attractive, had a cute dog, message was normal enough…I responded.

And I have gotten 3 lengthy responses back. Along with “let’s meet tonight”.  Mind you, all I sent was a message saying hi, asking how he was doing, and saying I don’t text with someone I haven’t met yet (use kik instead). And he pukes up a crap ton of information to me.

I’m sure some women like that. I find it a little…”chill out, dude. If I want a wall of text, I’ll open a work email.”  And I feel like this is often a problem with men my age and why I don’t seem to meet anyone my own age. Granted, a lot of men my age are coupled and they aren’t dating. So the pool is smaller.  But they take the limited information I give them in my profile and extract this whole thing about things I am interested in and they demonstrate that, far from an organic-developing casual thing, they want a BFF for life. Which I’m not looking for.

The worst example of this was a guy I was semi-set up with.  So, he had apparently messaged me. I’m not sure if I didn’t read his message b/c I didn’t open it or because I did open it and it was a wall of text.  But a guy I went out with a year or so ago messaged me and said he thought I would get along with this other guy. So I gave him a chance.  I’ll be honest, I barely looked at his profile or message before meeting…HE BROUGHT ME A PRINT OUT OF HIS ORIGINAL MESSAGE TO ME TO GIVE TO ME AFTER HE READ IT TO ME AT THE BAR.  Let’s put it this way, the message was at least twice as long as this blog post.

So guys, women…chill out at first. It’s great when you actually have something to be excited about to talk about. And I’m not advocating for boring-ass answers. But if you read your answer back and it is too fucking long…shorten it.


5 thoughts on “How NOT to impress me…

  1. This reminds me of getting a message like that on a dating site from a guy I wasn’t even interested in. He seemed odd in his photos, and of course his message was really odd – talked about his whole life and what he wanted in a relationship – even tough my profile clearly stated I wasn’t looking for one. It was a huge email, like a chapter of a book. I think I actually said to the guy, “Sorry, I don’t have time to read book chapters right now.” He got pissed and typed out some other long message that I didn’t read. It was really bizarre.

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    1. A couple months ago, I got a message from a guy I went out with a couple times (never slept with) who said he was over at a friend’s house and the friend had just found my profile and was into me. His friend was a good guy, blah blah blah. Would I go out with him. I agreed b/c I figured a personal recommendation is good…but I’ll confess that I don’t think I ever read his message or even looked at it. So he shows up and had PRINTED OUT HIS MESSAGE. And then he read it to me OUT LOUD. It was several paragraphs long. Then he asked for input and I said that, tbh, it was a little long. I said that nicely.
      He wanted to go out again. I graciously declined. (not just the message, but the message was a sign of intensity, not in a good way, that I wasn’t into)

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      1. I imagine him reading aloud something akin to a child reading their book report aloud in class. How socially inept or just nervous does one have to be to resort to doing that when simply talking with you would’ve sufficed? At least you got a story out of it… *Shrugs*

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