Mmmm. Yes…Superman is back ;)

I started this blog with the last time I had sex with the guy I call Superman.  He lives an hour or more away, so essentially, I have to rely on him driving to see me and that’s (IMO) a big ask for sex to drive a couple hours or more roundtrip.  Plus, he works as a bartender (switching jobs soon), so his hours are crazy.  We had tried to find dates that worked for us since my first blog entry, but between his crazy hours and other things not lining up, it never worked out.  But he got in touch with me early in the week and asked about today. And, yay! I was available.

It’s been so long since I had seen him that I kind of expected that sex might just be good, not amazing. We had only had sex on two occasions in the past and the first was very good. But I wouldn’t say remarkable.  I remembered the second as being amazing.  But I wasn’t sure what to expect since it had been so long, and sometimes a person is only as good as the initial chemistry and once you’re back to actual bodies fitting together and falls apart.

I shouldn’t have been worried.  He showed up and we started kissing right away. He has a dog, so just thought it was funny when one of my dogs tried to join in.  We went to my bedroom and I was still a little nervous until the tip of his tongue was on my clit…and then it was just amazing.  He can play my body like almost no one has has been able to do so.  It’s so funny. He’s a really really good looking guy in the Clark Kent kind of way.  And I’m sure he gets action being a bartender. But he comes across as kind of wholesome and sweet…but damn.  He is soooo good.  And this time he was a little more assertive.  We definitely somehow still built on the experiences of last time, even though it had been awhile… I’ve been asked if I prefer younger men sexually. I always answer that I don’t have a specific age thing, but I tend to hook up with younger men more often than guys my age. But he is everything right about younger guys – great body, can get hard (really hard) and stay hard, but clearly experienced enough to be a pretty damn amazing partner.

He’s starting a new job in a week or two and should be available more.  I hope so…I’d love to see him more than every 6-7 months :p



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