So I met the Trump hat guy…

And one of the first things he asked was “Hillary or Bernie” (and when I said Hillary, he “approved”…not that I needed his approval).  He did say he was going to go to a Trump rally, but he felt something bad was going to happen and left. It sounded like some of that was about curiosity, but maybe he actually likes him and knows there is no way a woman would?  But it was interesting.

But anyway, the date. Of COURSE, I would have mad chemistry with him. Of course. Part of me was hoping he’d just be a douchebag and I could move on.  But while he said he knows he can come off as a douchebag, he actually does care about people’s feelings and I did get that vibe from him. He was asking about my last relationship and in the course of talking about it, I said that 2013 was a bad year – now, part of the reason it was bad was because 2 pets died. Part of the reason it was bad was because I had health issues. Part of the reason it was bad was because all the rape culture stuff was starting to become discussed a lot and it was dredging up a lot of feelings I needed to deal with about my own history being raped. So, when he asked about why 2013 was bad, I said “I really don’t feel like I want to get into that right now”, he was very respectful and said that he hopes I am eventually comfortable and that he’d like to hear. And it seemed completely genuine.  That’s just one example.  There were other things like that.

So, anyway, I think he’s actually a genuinely nice guy. Probably. He was the nicest any guy has been with my pets, and I felt like he genuinely wanted to know more about me.  And, while I was not impressed by his style (come on…basketball shorts and t-shirt? What are we? 27? oh wait…um yeah), I had one of the better conversations I’ve had with someone. And the chemistry was definitely there.  Definitely.  And he said several times he wanted this to be ongoing.

So, ugh. Yes, of course Trump hat guy has a beautiful face (I’m really into faces…and was much much better than his photos), of course he seems interested in talking to me about me, of course he offers to help me with some social media things related to stuff I care about (he has over 200k twitter followers O.o ),  of course we have mad chemistry, and of course he’s super kinky.

He’s also 27 and has a Trump hat. F*CK!


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