A second, very different, 3some

Last weekend, I started chatting with a couple looking for a unicorn.  The husband was the one doing the screening (nothing odd there – usually one of the couple is the screener) and we immediately seemed to hit it off.  Talked about dogs, photography, and just had a great rapport.  The small amount of texting I did with his wife was a little awkward, but no red flags.  Just the jumping into a middle of a conversation awkwardness….they actually live in a small, college-town a few hours away, but said they get to my city frequently.  I mentioned that I would be up for meeting next time they were in town…and he suggested Monday or Friday.  I said I could do Friday, we kept in touch, they set up a nearby hotel…I knew she wasn’t really bi. So I did know it would be different than my other 3some where my primary connection was with the woman.

We decided that I would just meet them at their hotel.  I brought over some wine, but learned they don’t drink at all. I don’t drink much, so I had one glass while we chatted.  The rapport with the husband was similar to the rapport by text, so that was good.  But his wife was kind of stand-offish.  He said she was shy, and that’s fine. I understand. it’s an awkward situation, so I do my best to engage her in conversation and she seems to be warming up.  Eventually we move on to talk about what they want, and basically he likes pleasing women, she is ok with him doing that with other women, and sometimes she joins in, sometimes she doesn’t…just is what she’s feeling. Ok. I’m cool with all that.  Basically, I like new experiences, and even though this isn’t top fantasy for me, it sounds new and different and that’s attractive.

We all awkwardly get naked and he and I start hooking up.  I knew one of her “nos” was no kissing. I figured that would be a little weird…and it was…but not insurmountable.  It took me a little bit to get into things and soon I was…she helped pleasure him, but no contact with me.  It was a little awkward, but fine.  I actually quite enjoyed him, but I felt there was a weird dynamic between the two of them. Like, as the night went on, I felt like she was somewhere between bored and annoyed.  And he was trying to manage that and enjoy himself and have fun with me (and her, taking turns).  But anyway, it was a fun night, sex was great (and I have never been with someone with more stamina…damn. He had like a 3 hour erection before he came), but at times I felt like I was in the middle of one of those couple “fights” where the guy is trying to figure out what is going on with his wife and she says things like “I’m fine”. And that’s just awkward for me.

Definitely don’t regret meeting them. It was fun. But I think if I do any more FFM, I’m going to go with something where the female is the one organizing it and/or a male FWB who has another female FWB who wants a FFM too.  I’m single b/c I don’t like drama. And while this had no intense drama, it’s a little weird for her to say “I’m tired of watching you go down on her. Will you do her doggy style now!” in an annoyed voice. I mean, I can roll with pretty much anything. But she was neither completely directing things (which could have been hot) nor ok with what we did without her input…so it was just…weird. Oh well, live and learn!


10 thoughts on “A second, very different, 3some

      1. No problem! And some people get into FFM to indicate that the females will hook up at least some and an FMF to indicate they won’t (and obv transposing letters if it is 2 guys). I think it was Dan Savage who coined the term “unicorn” for the single female to a couple wanting a 3some, I guess because there are more couples looking than single women offering.


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