I can relate to this article about the election…

And I love electoral politics. But Lindy West nails it.

What else I’m sick of? That I have to deal with racism, sexism, and rape culture from the left.  That I’m not believed that these things are things.  Even when prominent journalists are writing about their own dealings with these things.  I’m sick of the “but Sanders’ supporters don’t know if someone is real or a Correct the Record person”…you know what? I don’t even know if a yelp review for pizza is real.  Really? You don’t know if someone online is real or not and that’s scary to you? If anyone ISN’T hiring a PR firm to do online commenting when local pizza places are doing that, then, well, let’s face it…everyone is doing it. And if they aren’t? Know what? You’re lucky if that’s your biggest concern and the idea of being doxxed isn’t really even on your mind.

But, this is important and I will keep on fighting for women to be vocal and believed. Even though I’m sick of it.


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