Making friends all over…

I have a quick overnight business trip…had hoped to see sexy geek guy b/c it’s to his city. But 2 weeks ago he got asked to speak at something and we’re going to miss each other 😦 boo.  But last time I was in this city, I opened up a dating app and somehow due to confusion over where we were both located, ended up chatting with a guy who lives here. I figured I probably wouldn’t meet him, except he used to live in my city and visits sometimes, but he seemed cool and, well, hot as fuck.  So we kept chatting and when I found out I couldn’t meet with SGG, I let Hot as fuck (HAF) guy know I’d be in town.  It worked out that he was traveling to another city tonight, but had the afternoon free, as did I after I met with a client.  Original plan was to meet for a drink…but my hotel is a boutique hotel without a bar and I said he could just come to the hotel. I figured…I’m in a hotel. It’s MY hotel…

And he was hot. And nice. And well…he was a great fuck.  He has the right physical traits to work it. And somehow he seemed to find the fact I’m very unassuming and innocent looking to be, well, hot.  That I’m not a person you’d expect has a side that is so open sexually.  So he made me feel sexy. Even though I felt like he was out of my league appearance-wise.  And he had all kinds of little moves…he was good. Damn good. But also very concerned with my pleasure.  

This is something I’ve found…the freakier someone’s interests tend to me (at least for men), the nicer they are and the more conscientious of a sex partner they are.  Maybe they know what it’s like to feel rejected? Or they just understand the breadth of sexual experiences? Or they’re not desperate…fun afternoon. Now I’m exhausted and need to work. But definitely worth it. 


2 thoughts on “Making friends all over…

  1. There is something about having sex for another person’s benefit, rather than selfishly taking it, that makes it seem so much better.
    Granted, that’s not the tendency of most people, but it’s sooo nice to come across someone that is interested in your pleasure.

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    1. I’ve overall had good luck with this…quite frankly, there are plenty of men who are interested in low key, casual sex…so I have a lot to choose from. And someone who legitimately seems interested in dual pleasure is important…but there is still a range. It’s kind of interesting that two of the best partners I have/have had in recent history are the two guys in the same city. But both have the potential to be a thing where we get together when our travel overlaps, and there are zero expectations outside of that…

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