When a FWB texts you at the perfect time…

This has been a busy and stressful week at work. Nothing unexpected. I knew it would be. It just was.  And I had a big filing today, which was causing stress to keep going up…

And when I get stressed, I get horny. It’s been this way a long time.  And I probably should be clear that this is just work stress type stress. Stress about personal stuff might make me lethargic.

So, a text from one of the guys from a couple months ago couldn’t have come at a better time when I got it at about 6…wondering if I’d be free…I was planning to go for a run after work, but sometimes sex has to take priority. And tonight was one of those nights.  Luckily he could wait a bit so I could get my filing in…

I got home, had enough time to brush my teeth and feed my pets and not much else. I was still in work clothes with a hoodie when he got to my place. But we were naked soon enough. And wow. I remember the sex with him being really really really good. But it was even better.  I mean, just for regular old sex. Nothing crazy in terms of tricks or anything. We just seem to be in sync. And were last time.  And I’m definitely far less stressed.  I definitely need to make more time to see him. Damn. He’s good…And I am far less stressed.



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