Well…welcome home to me…

So, I haven’t posted in awhile. I was on vacation for a couple weeks and leading up to that was busy.  And last weekend was super jetlagged (and even this week).  I did go out with one guy on Friday last weekend, beyond jetlagged. I thought he had potential, but apparently he wasn’t that into me.  Oh well. It is rare for me to be rejected after a date, but it happens.

So, today, I decided to give the comedian from months and months ago another chance.  He’s the guy who cancelled on me twice.  Had he not actually cancelled, had he just ghosted, no way.  And actually I thought no way in general…but right before I left on my trip, he friended me on Facebook. I was curious about that and thought maybe it was just one of those massive FB friending things…after all, some days on Facebook, the “people you might know” seems like a “here are people you slept with or considered sleeping with over the past 15 years…” (seriously, what’s up with that???).  Anyway, I decided to accept the friend request and see what played out. He has over 1,000 friends, so I figured I might just blend into the background if it was an accidental request.  But pretty soon, he started liking some of the photos I posted of my trip.  But still…that was it.  Just liking photos. Here and there.  Since we were now FB friends, I could see more photos of him and, yeah…something about him I just thought was super attractive. He has a great smile and nice face. Sure. But I think he’s sexy. In that way that once in awhile you find someone crazy sexy but know that, objectively, they aren’t nearly as sexy as you think they are. Anyway, finally, he messaged me. And I gave him shit for cancelling on me twice.  He said he was stupid and sorry and he really wanted to get to know me and maybe more.  So…I said maybe.  That the fact I was talking to him at all was probably a good sign for him. But not a definite.

Anyway, he kept up a constant, but not annoying level of interaction.  He’s the type of guy, esp given his profession, who has the cool guy exterior. But something about him made me feel like he actually does have a good guy heart.  I got that impression in messages (and had previously).  So I had a good impression. So, getting back, I actually was into seeing him.  Last weekend, we decided not to meet b/c I had just gotten some tattoo work done and had my period.  I teased him that he just couldn’t deal with my period and he said he could – just that he wanted the first time we got together to be comfortable and with the tattoo healing and period, it probably wouldn’t be. But that he would come over if I wanted. I agreed with him…but was excited to meet him this week, but also bracing myself for a no show.

Anyway, in between I was talking to a guy who I was interested, but not overly so, in.  He asked about Friday after work and since I had no plans, I agreed…anyway, we met for a dog walk. Things were fine. He was more attractive than I thought he would be, but wasn’t my type.  Still, I invited him in.  And after some awkward and very mechanical oral, he said he wasn’t feeling it and I agreed. I felt kind of dumb agreeing – b/c it always comes across as defensive. But I’d already crossed him off my future FWB list mentally.

This morning, he messages saying he was bummed we didn’t click. I was cute, etc.  But he had a friend who was interested and could he give his friend my info. I said sure (I had seen photos of said friend).  So we start texting.  And then the comedian actually comes over! And he was exactly how I was hoping he would be – he was attractive in the way I wanted him to be. We clicked right away.  No awkwardness, or very little.  And we had great chemistry.  Ahhh. After one date with no chemistry and one date of being rejected, it was nice to have that click of attraction.  He didn’t stay too long b/c he was in the middle of stuff for work. But we agreed we should do it again…soon…and have messaged since he left. So I have a good feeling about that.

So I messaged back the friend of the guy from last night…I guess he needs a nickname. Trade-up guy, I’ll call him. Since he seemed to be a trade-up from his friend…Anyway, we’re chatting back and forth and he mentioned he was at a sex shop, like 2 blocks from y house.  So I told him how close he was and, well, invited him over.  Now, I’ve never had 2 guys in one day.  But I still had some energy after the comedian, and since trade-up guy was a friend of a guy who had been decent to me, just no chemistry…I decided why not.  So he came over and was more polished and preppy than I expected. But attractive.  (Going from a comedian to a hedge-fund guy in one day…) Anyway, we did have great chemistry. Different than the comedian, but just as good. Just different.

And this whole time I’ve been chatting with a really interesting guy from a nearby-ish city who contacted me last week.  He is interested in a cuckolding relationship. Something about him interested me.  He’s like a successful, really intelligent (obviously), good-looking guy. And he wants to be with a woman who is sexually open (wouldn’t be for him), and who controls when and how he gets off.  I’ll admit I didn’t necessarily get it at first, but in talking to him, it actually intrigues me and maybe possibly could be a relationship style that works for me.  Maybe.  Helps that he’s in another city. Anyway…he’s been very interested in hearing about my day.

And now I must get some work done.  But it was a really satisfyingly fun day 🙂




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