When will we have a privacy right to our sexual choices?

Let me start by saying the facts here seem problematic. Someone should always have the right to shut any sexual activity down.

BUT….why in the world do adults not have a privacy right to consensual sexual conduct of their choosing? I really hope there is more to this case than what is described here


18 thoughts on “When will we have a privacy right to our sexual choices?

    1. I feel like there is such a fundamental disconnect (in many areas of society) right now..where some people think that others’ sexual activity is their business. And some recognize that adults can make adult decisions for themselves. And the two truly can’t see the others’ viewpoint. I certainly cannot see why it is anyone’s business who or how I fuck (assuming capable consent all around).

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  1. I can’t access that link or any of the links on your blog, not sure why. I agree wholeheartedly. If it is consensual, there should be no issue. Private means just that…none of your business unless it affects the innocent.


      1. No. I’m in the UK. Are you able to put up a link with the link tool? If not, I can explain how, it might get around this problem.


      2. comment on any others where it doesn’t work if you want to see – I didn’t realize that there was a difference in accessibility if I posted the link vs the url! I sometimes used the link thing before, but not always…

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      3. They possibly do sometimes work, but not this time. Really appreciate you doing this, thank you. A very thought provoking read…it’s utterly ridiculous. I’m still amazed that such laws exist or not, as the case may be. It’s open to interpretation don’t you think?

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      4. I find it amazing that there is a distinction drawn between privacy rights in procreative, missionary position sex. And other sex between consenting adults, esp in a country that espouses separation between church and state…it boggles my mind

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      5. I’m at a loss to understand the reasoning behind this…really I am. If it is consensual then I don’t see the problem…be it involving ropes, gags or all manner of instruments and devices.

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      6. No kidding. I don’t think it’s that much better here. Wasn’t there a guy arrested for doing bad things to a bicycle in his hotel room?


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