We never met. I don’t actually care about you…

The thing about having a dating profile indicating that one is open to casual sex is that one gets a lot of messages.  Or at least I do.  So I respond to those that seem to interest me.  And sometimes the people I’m messaging with end up annoying me, pissing me off, or boring me before we meet.

Sometimes I have the energy to tell them “sorry, I’m not interested.”  Sometimes I don’t. But if I haven’t met someone, I don’t feel like I “owe” them a break up. Just like you wouldn’t break up with someone in a bar who you exchanged a couple sentences with. Or even had a conversation with.

But guys just keep coming back.  Even some who “end” things with me because I’m not available enough.  Today, for instance…one guy who told me last week that I didn’t seem interested enough (I really wasn’t that interested) decided that he was going to start messaging again.  And another guy who I told months ago that I wasn’t interested texted to tell me he was thinking about me.

Why? Why are you thinking about me? Because I told a sarcastic joke and you thought of it? We never even met.

The thing is, most men don’t get as many messages as I get. So I guess some men elevate me to being something to them that they aren’t to me.

It really is true that men will chase you if you don’t care.  Or at least some men will. And it’s dumb.


4 thoughts on “We never met. I don’t actually care about you…

  1. Ah yes, there’s evidence to prove this fact. It’s a bit like chasing after a dog…turn and run the other way and they’ll be after you like a huge tasty bone…that’s bone and not boner.

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