The connection between consent and pleasure

As a rape survivor, I couldn’t be happier that discussions about consent are now pretty common and people are trying to navigate those waters…

But I completely agree with this piece that, until women know how good sex can feel, discussions about consent are missing a critical element. After all, a “no” and a “I don’t want to, but if you want to” are not all that different…but there is a huge difference between a “no” and a “hells yes!”

We need to get to understanding that difference, and empowering women both physically and emotionally feel the difference, before we can really navigate the waters about communicating that “hells yes!” and the various ways that can be communicated.


2 thoughts on “The connection between consent and pleasure

  1. Omg…yes, yes, yes! Thank you for sharing this article and starting this conversation here. Sex is currently seen as generally a chore to be avoided by women. Any sexual connection where she wasn’t enthused is potentially rape and yet no one talks about the pleasures of sex to/for/from
    Women. So it’s all potentially an assault…a taking from…or at least an unenthused relenting.

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    1. Absolutely. I think there is starting to become more of an acceptance and belief that women can (and do) enjoy sex. But part of the reason I even started this blog was to be open about my sex life (well, under a pseudonym) because I think it’s important for women in control of their sex life to talk about enjoying sex. Or not if the sex isn’t good. But that there is such a thing as loving sex among women.


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