When that creepy guy is on your train home

I live in a large city.  Like, I have friends who live within 2 miles of me who I have never, in 10+ years, randomly bumped into.

And tonight I see the creepy guy on my train car.

So, when I first set up my online profile, I hadn’t figured out screening well and went out for coffee with a guy who I was not into. Fair enough. No biggie. I tell him that I didn’t feel like we had chemistry. He tells me if I ever change his mind, let him know. No biggie.

And then the random texts arrive. And I block him. And the new profiles (all him) with random messages.  Every month or two. Ick.

And tonight, on the way home, he gets on my train car. I would have brushed by him if I hadn’t noticed and gone out the other doors at the other end of the train car.  I don’t think he saw me.  We were only on the train at the same time for one stop.

And guys like this ruin things for the 95% of men who can take rejection. Since then I’ve moved from texting to kik. I had another couple guys get creepy over text.

And when guys don’t understand why I won’t text with them, I explain. Most get it. Some get mad. Getting mad that I value my safety is definitely not the way to get me naked.


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