Not quite as planned…but some butterflies

So, last night was hopefully going to be my first threesome…but things didn’t go quite as planned. I got a message on Friday from the FWB I saw last Sunday that someone he’d had sex with tested positive for chlamydia.  I appreciated him telling me and not waiting for his results to come back, but I wouldn’t ever put someone at potential risk, so I went in for testing (waiting), informed the guy I saw Tuesday, and told the couple about what was going on (the clinic proactively treated me anyway, so I should be fine soon either way…but obviously would prefer that I was negative all along. We used condoms, so that’s my hope).

Anyway, the couple still invited me out to their house to have dinner. I’ll admit that I was sort of like “ugh. Driving an hour to not even get any? Um. Bleh”.  But I couldn’t really say that. 🙂 And I did enjoy their company before.  So, drive out there I did. And it was great. We hung out. I got more comfortable with them. I do like them as people quite a bit.

And then she walked me out to my car and asked if she could kiss me. I was so blown away by her boldness…and kiss I did. And did some more.  We kissed for awhile and, other than feeling weird about being taller, it was soooo good. My first girl kiss and it was amazing.  So, I drove away, all giddy, turned on, and excited. And now we have to figure out another time to get together.

In retrospect, I’m glad things have gotten drawn out.  Now I’m genuinely excited about THIS couple (and, especially THIS woman) and not just excited for a new experience.



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