One way to deal with stress…

Last night I had to make the very difficult decision to euthanize a pet (lest anyone worry that I euthanize animals for non-legitimate reasons, he was very very old).  Even though I had been preparing myself for years that this date would eventually come, it’s no less sad when it does…

So tonight I decided to just get out of my own head for a bit.  I’d been messaging this guy who seemed completely on the same page as me about sex over the weekend.  Normally I meet guys out for a drink or two and then make a decision.  Tonight I just invited him over.  Pretty much within 3-4 minutes, we were both naked.

The sex was good. My bed is soaked (again).  Was it the best sex I’ve ever had? No. And there probably is potential there for some really good sex.  Certainly the fact we barely spoke before having sex (well, barely spoke in person) was less hot to me than some anticipation building.  But I just really wanted that distraction and release.  And he was good enough that I got it, despite the kind of weird feeling of “have we said more than a sentence to each other?” as we’re both getting off.

Sometimes sex is just a release. And that’s all it is.

And despite popular culture references to the contrary, I maintain that it is much healthier than half a bottle of wine.

Will I see this guy again? He asked if I’d like to see him again before he left. And I said yes.  And meant it.  And he seemed to be asking a genuine question. So I’d say there is a good chance I’ll see him.

I suppose if I do, he’ll need a nickname. I’ll work on that…


4 thoughts on “One way to deal with stress…

  1. There’s nothing wrong with that. To each their own, as I like to say. Just be safe. I have had hookups like that, not often but still. Sometimes I’m like “That was way too easy”, but when everyone knows what they came for that’s okay.

    I don’t smoke, rarely drink, and sometimes writing just doesn’t give me the rush I need. An orgasm or the build up to it can be a good distraction.

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    1. I don’t use drugs, don’t smoke, barely drink….I give the guy’s name to a friend and use condoms. And of course trust my instincts. It’s not as if rapists and murderers identify themselves and certainly plenty of “nice guys” have fit those labels, so meeting somewhere else is no protection either (and one’s guard might be down). Not saying it’s totally safe, but nothing is – heck, I was raped in college at a party with friends downstairs and assaulted with them in the next room. I do tend to find that men who are more comfortable with talking about sex, sober sex, and recognize that women find sex pleasurable are often the guys who are most focused on consent. Consent is a huge huge part of any kink community, so I find that anyone who has any ties to that community tends to be well-versed in consent.


  2. I couldn’t agree more. There is something to be said about the physical release that sex provides. Obviously its a balance but in general women are much more wrapped up in the concept of relationship and meaning than men are.

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    1. When sex is good (or even pretty decent), I get out of my head and have a total release that even masturbation doesn’t bring.
      I don’t know if I’m wired different than other women, just have come to realize (with age) that sex can serve many purposes, or just allow myself to approach sex differently…but I just don’t get attached from sex any more than I do from a great conversation

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