When it works, it works…

A month or so ago, I went out with a bi guy and had, well, fantastic sex (it was my weekend of back to back bi guys…).  He really isn’t physically my type in a lot of ways, but the sex was fantastic. And I just liked him. He was a good guy.  Our schedules haven’t lined up for awhile, but today finally worked…I had the sense that maybe our memories of how good the sex had been were maybe a little different from the last couple messages, but it’s always hard to tell with messages.

Well, I don’t need to worry that I was the one who misremembered :p I think he was actually surprised how great it was.  And it was.  He said a couple times that he was, well, surprised.  I don’t know how many different positions we ended up in just, well, naturally. And a couple times I was genuinely worried, but didn’t care, that the bed would break (and my bed has been rebuilt once from a prior relationship that broke it in the first week…my poor bed 😉 ).

Definitely a good mid-day break on a Sunday 🙂 Hopefully he’ll remember for the next time how good we work together…


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