First Date with a Couple…hmmm…

I’ve been open to, but not necessarily super actively seeking, the threesome experience.  Because, why not? More hands, more mouths…just seems like fun. Under the right circumstances.  Sex is already sometimes awkward with power dynamics at play. Throw in 3 people instead of 2 and it could get get bad weird.

But I’ve been chatting with a woman in a couple who wants to explore a threesome.  One thing that seemed interesting to me was that both have lived in other countries for periods of time and they basically seemed like they might be worldly and intelligent…qualities I really like.  Even if something is one time, I would still want to enjoy the people I’m with.  And again, trying to make things as comfortable as possible…

So, last night we met for drinks and dinner. I had let her know in advance I have my period and so nothing would be happening, even if we all clicked (I can deal with my period for regular sex, but just didn’t want to have that element in a 3some).  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m not used to flirting with women and I’m kind of a terrible flirt as it is…and getting ready, I was like “what do I wear???” Now, I go out and meet a lot of guys. I’m adept enough at picking out clothing for that.  But somehow throwing a female in the mix, it was weird.  I ended up picking out a top that I was worried was too low cut, but paired it with a boring sweater and jeans and flat boots. And wore a little less eye makeup than usual.

They were at the bar/restaurant when I arrived.  I didn’t know what to expect from conversation, but it ended up just being super easy to talk to them about traveling and we even touched on politics (how could you not this year?) a bit. And I just really liked them. The woman was really really pretty in an approachable way.  The guy wasn’t necessarily my type, but he is attractive. More attractive than his photos suggested.  I wasn’t sure what they were thinking though because, well, it seemed like normal conversation. We were done eating and kind of just hanging out when the woman got up to use the restroom and the guy changed the topic to interest in 3somes, etc. It was kind of a normal conversation…well, as normal as these things are. When the woman got back, we were still talking about it and it was…normal? They explained how they wanted to make sure they actually liked the person they brought in. He hasn’t had a 3some before. She has had 2 and liked them and wanted to do it again.  Anyway, they liked me. I liked them. And we have another date in a week and a half…where I assume it will be a little more private and a little more relaxed and, well, we’ll see where things lead.

I’m definitely excited. Definitely nervous. Definitely worried that anyone who knows me might judge. But trying to just focus on being excited, curious, and just…interested.  These two are my kind of people.  And I feel like anything awkward would be handled in a normal and mature way.  I made clear that I totally respect their bond and that is important to me that they know I respect that. So…we’ll see. If in a week and a half I have a totally new experience in my life.


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