Glad I finally gave this guy a chance

So, I’ll call this one Common Name Guy (because, I swear, he has a common name and I seem to sleep with everyone I ever meet with this name…a  bit of an exaggeration. Not much).  We’ve been messaging back and forth for at least a month.  I was “meh” about him.  Not uninterested. Just nothing had captured my interest, other than that he seemed, without reservations, on board with FWBs-type situation.  A lot of guys say that, but what they mean is that they want either a one night stand, or they want a relationship.  So he’s kind of been a “If I can find time to meet him, great. If I can’t, oh well” guy. But as that played out, I kind of became a dick about things.  One night, we had “well, maybe Saturday might end up working” plans, but then it didn’t because Sexy Geek Guy ended up in town. I didn’t feel too badly about that – a “maybe that will work” is tentative at best.  But 2 weeks ago, I had actually told him that I was pretty sure Saturday would work…and then Sailor Guy contacted me and I hadn’t seen SG in so long that I cancelled on CNG.  That was kind of a dick-ish. I admit. But I do prioritize someone I know exists, and with whom I have good chemistry, over someone who, for all I know, will ghost.  Well, sometimes I do. Sometimes I still get sucked into the maybe.  But this time I prioritized.

So, fast forward to this week.  I thought CNG was done with me after the cancellation as it sort of felt like a 2nd cancellation…but he got in touch, and I asked him if he hated me.  He said “not yet” with a smiley face. And he seemed cool about things so I told him I could do Friday.  Friday had been blocked off on my calendar b/c I thought I’d have to work late at work, but shifting issues opened it up, so I gave it to CNG.  And I knew that I would be done with me if I cancelled a 2nd time, so I was going to do whatever it took to make sure I wasn’t “that person”.  Well…around Thursday late in the day, I start feeling like I have a UTI or something coming on.  I did what any normal person who has said aside the next evening for someone who they will likely have sex with would do…I practiced complete denial.  Well, not complete. I tried a coconut oil bath as that sometimes can help re-balance all lady bit pH.  But by Friday morning, I couldn’t be in denial anymore.  I *thought* I had an old z-pack somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, so I knew I had to get some antibiotics on Friday. Meanwhile I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse.  And still trying to practice denial.  I had a busy morning, but managed to call into a health hotline that I have access to that can prescribe some stuff over the phone…Unfortunately, stupid me, in my quest to make sure I got something, overstated my symptoms (I know, I know) and they couldn’t help me b/c it was TOO severe. When it really wasn’t. UGH.  So, off to urgent care.  They gave me some cipro (3 days) and told me to come back Monday if I’m not feeling better.  Excellent. I got one in me and hoped for immediate improvement. Well…that, combined with ignoring the issue, wasn’t working and by 5pm, I was feeling pretty itchy without improvement. So I text CNG, tell him the situation. And wait to be ignored.  To his credit, he asked what I wanted to do. I told him I was down to meet, I wasn’t cancelling, but if he wanted to reschedule, I understood. And, assuming we got along, this was obviously relevant.  He responded (for the situation) in the best way possible – that he completely understood, he was disappointed that he couldn’t go down on me, and that he still wanted to meet and he completely understood any limitations.

So, he comes over around 7:30.  Usually I prefer to meet guys somewhere close. But, really, it was sooooo cold, and I had a “he’s not pushy” vibe from him, so I let him just come over.  And my judgment was right. He was a super nice, normal guy.  I don’t think he looked like what I expected, but I thought he was attractive.  He was great with my pets (always a plus).  So I poured us each a glass of wine and we sat down on my couch to talk. He hadn’t tried to even touch me at this point, so as we’re talking, I’m wondering if he thinks I’m unattractive…I mean, the conversation was good. We had unexpected things in common.  And he seemed intelligent and open-minded.  He finishes his wine, I tell him he can have more.  He’s waiting for me…I eventually finish (I’m a lightweight).  And then he kisses me. So I guess he was just waiting for what he deemed to be an opening.  And the kissing is good, other than my dog trying to join us.

We go to my bedroom where I can close the door, and we definitely have chemistry.  By this point, my UTI is mildly annoying, but not too bad (maybe it was the wine, or maybe the cipro is finally kicking in), but I decide we can have sex.  And wow.  His dick hit my g-spot perfectly, we seemed to have similar rhythms…the only odd(?) thing was that I didn’t cum on top, which I typically do.  But I kept squirting everywhere b/c of how he hit my g-spot, so I was having a lot of fun…(and my bed was soaked).  So he proposes anal.  I don’t tell him that I’ve tried 3 times, and never had any success at enjoying it.  But I sort of did a mental assessment that we seemed to have great chemistry, his dick was nice ,but not huge, and I liked how he had approached everything else.  All this was assessed in like 2 seconds.  So, I gave it the green light.  And I’m glad I did.  Because wow.  That was fantastic.  I might not have cum from being on top, but I did when he was fucking my ass…I guess anal CAN be good with a good partner (that was my strong suspicion…but until I see it…)

Anyway, for one round of sex, it lasted a long time.  I liked that even though he was dominant (which I like), he’d check in with me and say things like “are you still with me? still enjoying it?”

Anyway, he seemed to be really enjoying himself too. And we did discuss getting together again in a general way (even while he was fucking me, he said something like “I can’t wait to do this again”).  So I think he felt the same way about chemistry as I did.

So, despite chatting last night with the erotic hypnosis guy, he seems to have blown me off today. But with last night’s sex, who cares.  And it’s probably for the best as my UTI is much better than yesterday, but still a little touch and go…



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