I’m intrigued…

Last weekend, I was supposed to meet a guy who had approached me about erotic hypnosis.  I was intrigued and did a bit of research (as well as asked him questions).  The whole thing sounded very interesting and I’m all for new types of experiences, as long as I have a good vibe from them.  And he was so open to questions, that I had a good vibe.

But, alas, I was fortunate enough to have the Sexy Geek Guy end up in my city unexpectedly, so I had to cancel on Hypnosis Guy (It was theoretically possible to see both, but I didn’t feel like double-scheduling myself like that).  I didn’t hear back from hypnosis guy to my cancellation, so I assumed he wrote me off…I didn’t regret my decision to see SGG, but was a little disappointed as it is unusual to have erotic hypnosis put on the table.

Today Hypnosis Guy messaged again, asking if I was still interested in meeting, or if I had just flaked.  I responded immediately and told him I was still interested and it really was an unexpected thing that threw everything off.  We exchanged a couple messages and he wanted to talk on the phone.  Normally, I don’t talk on the phone. The phone and I have a longstanding agreement to disagree on its usefulness. Even before email, text, messaging, etc came into the world of the day to day, I hated the phone. Now with almost no one using the phone to actually speak, I feel like my decades of phone avoidance are finally in style.  But, since I did cancel on him, I owed him a call.  And said as much – I told him that usually I avoid the phone, but given that I’d cancelled and he probably had some concerns as to whether I was real, I would make a phone exception.  He told me he wanted to test out how open I was to the hypnosis thing over the phone.  So he called.

It was very interesting.  We chatted a couple minutes and then got into the relaxation. At first it reminded me of some sleep hypnosis I’ve tried in the past to get over insomnia.  But then it veered into the more erotic.  Nothing was offensive.  Just about being relaxed and open to being very sensitive to the touch, etc.  And it was kind of amazing.  I didn’t think something over the phone that wasn’t really “dirty” could be such a turn on.  So I definitely feel like I am open to the hypnosis suggestions 😉

I think we’ll meet next weekend. I certainly hope so.  If this falls through, I’ll have to add another thing I’d like to find to my list and it certainly is not the easiest to find people who aren’t creepy, but have new ideas when it comes to sex…


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