Maybe I’m Starting to Find a Rhythm…

Dating for FWBs is harder than it sounds. Obviously there are a lot of interested men…mention sex with few expectations and they tend to get interested.  But chemistry and compatibility aren’t the easiest to find. Throw in availability and it becomes even more difficult.  So I have been having more first time sex than my ideal situation would be.

But I have my fingers crossed that’s starting to change.  Before I started this blog, I had gone out with a guy who I’ll call the Sailor.  The Sailor was super interesting and had spent about a decade living on a boat and sailing the world. He wasn’t a privileged rich kid.  He just did what he wanted.  We had a perfect day together…he planned a picnic, which lead to kissing under a tree, which lead to not knowing if I could wait to get home (just a mile away) before I was naked with him.  We had great great chemistry. And then…things just didn’t line up.

He emailed this morning and asked if I might be available tonight. He got off work at 8 and wanted to see me.  I was available (well, it meant cancelling tentative plans with someone I was only mildly interested in), but would be coming from a new tattoo…and being bandaged up isn’t the sexiest.  He didn’t care.  So…finally.

My first reaction when he arrived was “crap, he’s grown a goatee”. I HATE goatees. But once he started kissing me, I realized the chemistry was still there.  And he does have excellent fingers 🙂 My only complaint about him is that he isn’t as kinky as I ideally like a guy to be, but he’s plenty sensual and that definitely is wonderful. And he definitely did not seem to be remotely turned off by all the bandages on my leg from the tattoo.

Tomorrow I may see the original Superman from this blog (and if not tomorrow, we talked about next Sunday).  And Monday, if all lines up, I get to see Sexy Geek Guy as I should be in his city for work.


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