Multiple dating sites – etiquette…

So, I’m on more than one dating site/app. And each has its own vibe, obviously. Some of the apps require you to decide if you like someone or not before you see the next profile (e.g., Tinder, but not limited to Tinder).  So I never know what to do when I reach a profile of someone that I’m already in contact with (who is still in play – it’s easy if it’s someone I’ve talked to and realize I don’t want to talk to).

Sometimes, it’s easy. It could be someone that I was chatting with and just time, travel, general busy-ness got the best of me and we lost touch. Then seeing him on a new site is a great way to jump into the “hey, how have you been?”.  But I don’t know what to do if it’s someone I’m chatting with currently on another site. Or someone (like what just happened), that I slept with a couple times and just kind of lost touch with…do I “like” them? Or not? I mean, if they saw me on x site and were reminded of my awesomeness, couldn’t they just get in touch again? Or do people really lose contact info on the regular? Or is it like bumping into someone on the street who you have fond feelings for but haven’t been in regular touch with?

Update: I’m glad I decided to like his profile…we had a nice chat. Opened the door back up. He’s still super busy with his start up, but at least I know he’s still down to get together if he has the time (and energy).  So, who knows if we’ll get together, but, for my ego, it is nice to know that he hasn’t been around due to insane work hours, not because he didn’t have as much fun as I did.


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