Well that ended up being a fun weekend…

Last night I met bi-guy #2 for a bite in my neighborhood. I tend to have an attitude that if I make 2-3 dates in a weekend (last night being a holiday here), only one will pan out. And that’s how it has worked up until now.  I either only have one date or only one date that interests me.

But I guess sometimes people surprise you.  So, bi-guy #2 appealed to me, more from his messages and his background than his appearance. In his photos, he looked like he had a cute smile and kind of sexy eyes…but other than that, he’s not really my type.  Not that he’s unattractive. Just not what I go for. But his background is journalism (when someone can actually make it as a journalist in today’s world, I’m super impressed), and he even has an Emmy to his credit (my second Emmy winner!), and when he talked about what he wanted in terms of a situation, he focused on not wanting to lead someone on when he wasn’t in a place where a relationship made sense, and that he just wanted a mature sexual relationship. And I loved that he had thought about it.  Coordinating schedules was a little tough, but eventually we figured out we could make last night work.

I showed up at the restaurant and he looked exactly how I expected him to look. Which is good and bad. I obviously had decided to go out with him, having a good idea from photos what he looked like, but since he wasn’t 100% my type, I kind of hoped he would be hotter than his photos. But nope.

Dinner conversation was good. He was clearly intelligent. And he was interested in me as a person, not just as someone who might be willing to provide sex without a relationship. I mean, that’s the #1 way to get a date from me – to treat me like a human – and that’s something A LOT of guys can’t seem to manage.  But most still are focused on me sexually, which is fair. I get that. But he was interested in other aspects of me and what I’ve done in my life.  And he was just…a gentleman.  Poised, respectful, complimentary…just a gentleman.

So, after we’d paid up (of course he paid for me, because he’s a gentleman…not required, but nice), he asked if I wanted to go somewhere else. So I took that as a sign he was interested. I had decided at some point in dinner that I liked him and had a good vibe from him.  So, I asked if he wanted to go back to my place.  He was clearly surprised and asked if I was sure… and I said “well, I just asked you, so yes, I am” and he laughed. When we got outside which was a little more private (though still a busy street), he pulled me over to tell me how hot that was that I had just asked.

So, we got to my place and…he may not be the hottest guy I’ve had sex with. He may not have the best body or the best dick…but damn. He had some skills.  It was sort of this interesting thing how he could still manage to be polite and respectful and soooooo dirty (in a good way) sexually.

I will definitely make an effort to see him again (as opposed to having the attitude “if he messages, I’ll go out again…if my schedule allows”) as I think sex with him will just get more fun.  And he seemed very interested…asking my schedule and saying a couple times that we could be in touch while I’m doing some travel and get together when I’m back.

I figured at some point I’d have sex with different guys on back to back days.  But it hadn’t happened yet.  So I was wondering how I’d feel about it. And I really am fine with it.  It’s kind of not even a thing that seems worth contemplating anymore about. I met two nice, interesting, attractive guys who I felt comfortable with.  And had (protected, of course) sex with both of them. And it was fun.  No one was led on, no feelings were played with, no games were played…it was just good fun.



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