And I mentioned my blog to a guy…

and he thought it was awesome.

No, I didn’t give him the link. Just said it was very anonymous and kind of gave him the overview of topics.  We had met for a drink, sort of last minute (arranged last night/this morning).  I wasn’t excited to go outside. It’s super cold.  But something about this guy made me want to meet him.  He identifies as bi, and that certainly is a draw for me.  I just think it’s kind of hot to think about or see two guys together. I feel like that’s still seen as weird, even though it’s “normal” for guys to like lesbians together.

So we met at a local brewery where I was last Sunday…thankfully he arrived first and grabbed a table, rather than the bar, because it was dead last Sunday, dead tonight, and the same bartender was on duty both nights. I do wonder if bartenders tend to notice me there with different guys…I don’t care much. Just wonder.

So this guy and I had a great time just talking about people, sexual attitudes, experiences, etc. It was comfortable. And funny.  He presented the comfortable guy vibe that I tend to have with gay guys – where I just get a sense of fun and non-judgment.  But, you know, someone who might be interested in having sex with me.

So I invited him back to my place.  And when we kissed, it wasn’t necessarily fireworks. But it was really nice.  And the sex was really good. Again, surprisingly so.  It was different than most of the sex I’ve had lately. He clearly knew what he was doing, but he was ever so slightly hesitant. I don’t know if that was good or bad, but the overall vibe was really nice.  And I think I’ll see him again.  He made sure to get my # before he left (I don’t give my # out before I meet someone).  And I think he could be a fun..uh…friend.

And now tomorrow I am meeting another bi guy.  Hmm…ideas 😉

I guess people have to find a way to stay warm 🙂

I definitely would be happy to stop meeting so many new guys. It’s just not easy to find schedules that align, respect, good sex, etc.  This guy has the potential to work out.  And someone who is just laid back. And not nervous about the situation. Or at least he doesn’t seem to be. We’ll see.


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