Not who I planned to go out with, but still good…

Before xmas, I started chatting with a guy who seemed really into meeting. I was interested. I can’t say I as blown away. But definitely interested. Schedules didn’t align before he left for a longer holiday break, but he kept in touch over the holidays and we planned to meet last night. He checked in during the week a couple times. I touched based with him Saturday…made sure we were still on. He said he was still into it. Just give him a place and time.  So I did, maybe an hour after that message (I was running errands and my hands were too cold to type as I was walking around).


Sent a message yesterday…nothing…

Now, this is familiar. Guy makes plans to meet and then ghosts. I figure reasons for ghosting include, but are not limited to, decided to go out with someone else, is really a shut-in who gets off on messaging with random photos taken off the internet that are “him”, is in a relationship and never intended to go out…whatever. It happens. I just wish more guys had the decency to do what the guy I was supposed to meet last Sunday did – he texted about 2 hours before we were supposed to meet (after confirming) and said he just wasn’t comfortable and probably wasn’t over his ex, but he just couldn’t meet.  That’s cool. Maybe mildly disappointing, but I appreciate the honesty.

So, around 3pm, a different guy (I’ll call him “Med Student” because, well, he’s a med student) I had been messaging the day before who I had decided I wanted to meet messaged. Asked what I was up to.  I was honest. Said that I wasn’t sure if I had plans or not and was going to give the guy until 4:30.  Med Student was good with this. Made a few jokes about the guy, and said he’d love to meet up if I didn’t go out with the other guy. I appreciated that I could be open about plans and didn’t have to pretend that I wasn’t dating around.  Med Student messaged again about 4:28 and asked how things looked 🙂 I told him that I’d be meeting him if he was still up for it.  He was, so even though my original date ghosted, I could keep the time and place for meeting :p

Med Student was a super nice guy. Smart. Just, really, a good guy.  He had seemed a little edgier in his profile and messaging than he did in person, but we had plenty to talk about.  While I wouldn’t say I was head over heels, I was enjoying myself and there was an easy comfort between us. We left the bar and started to make out outside. But with both of us dressed for the bitter cold, it was more funny than hot.  Too many layers of down…so we went back to my place and, not all that surprisingly, had sex. I wouldn’t say it was mind-blowing, though I could tell by his look of concentration and focus, he was utilizing his anatomy skills.  But it was good.  Probably very good. Definitely room for improvement. But very good.

He had a 5:30 am flight, so had to leave, but seemed very interested in getting together again. And I’m interested in that. I think sex with him was a little less uninhibited as sometimes it can be. And that’s sometimes how sex is.  But I saw signs that he could be very fun.  And, from his perspective, I think I provide a pretty good situation – he’s moving from Chicago in the late spring (presumably) for his residency.  So I can be something casual until he leaves.  And I certainly have no problem with that. And he is a lot more convenient geographically than most of the other options I’ve been exploring. So, we’ll see if he becomes a bit more regular. He’s out of town, and then I’m out of town. So, it may be awhile before we can explore things again. And I’m fine with that.


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