Is the conversation with a 26 yr old supposed to be better than the sex?

Last night I met another 26 yr old.  I started messaging him because he looked to be my type and we had a few things in common based on his profile.  In messaging more, it seemed like we had more and more in common, plus the potential for good sexual compatibility.  So we met last night at a bar that usually has a relatively low key crowd. Unfortunately it was a stop on a bar/beer tour of Chicago at the time we were meeting and fight songs galore were breaking out (very odd at a bar that has an older punk vibe, if that makes sense).

He was really really hot. Man was he hot. Damn.  When I first walked in, I got a look that I wasn’t sure how to interpret, so I was somewhat self-conscious.  But quickly we were chatting away about various substantive things…including our mutual love for the same modern philosopher.  It was a very good vibe and after a drink, went back to my place.  I showed him around and when he kissed me, well, he was a fantastic kisser.  Unfortunately the sex was just…fine.  I think he really enjoyed it.  But I suspect he was a little more nervous than he let on and rushed things a bit. Normally, I’d sort of feel like “ok, lesson learned. He’s 26. I don’t feel like being the training ground if he hasn’t had that already”.  But…he was a super cool guy.  (And did I mention that he’s so hot???)

We ended up hanging out for about 4 hours, probably having sex/making out a total of 30-45 minutes of that. The rest of the time, just talking about dumb stuff, interesting stuff, all kinds of stuff…and it was easy.  Definitely didn’t expect that from a 26 yr old.

So, I’d like to see him again. Maybe I am willing to do a little training…he doesn’t want anything serious.  And he’s off on vacation soon and then I’m out of town, so it could be awhile before I see him. But there aren’t many guys I can discuss social justice with AND enjoy naked…Last night I was wishing for a weird time machine where a younger me could meet him in a few years. He’s totally my type of guy…except definitely not remotely in the same place in life. That, more than the age, is why he’s too young.  I can’t complain about the conversation. And, hey, he really is hot.


2 thoughts on “Is the conversation with a 26 yr old supposed to be better than the sex?

  1. HI, very interesting post. This is the 1st post I’ve read from your blog so I don’t have much background info. It seems you both are in the same place of life though, meeting for causal sex. A lot can change with time. Whose’s to say that this is all that it could be? You never know what the future holds. Also, great conversation always trumps good sex when it comes to long lasting relationships. Keeping training him and you can have it all girl! 🙂 Looking forward to reading your other post! 🙂

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