Finally a guy older than me…

I haven’t updated much lately because there hasn’t been much to say. I had one of those never-ending colds and couldn’t really make plans. I did have a date a week or so ago, and the flirtation at the bar was rather intense.  I was surprised and impressed when he walked in (I got there a couple minutes before he did) and he kissed me. Nothing too intense, but it exuded confidence and I’m a sucker for confidence. But when we went back to my place, he couldn’t get hard and really didn’t seem interested in trying to make anything work, so…he made some comment about next time being better. And had he contacted me, I would have given him another shot, but he hasn’t contacted me and, well…there wasn’t much reason to try to make something happen.

Last night I went on one of the wild card dates – dates where I figure things can be good or not great. Usually they end up fine.  I had low expectations and barely got my place remotely presentable.  But I showed up and he was far hotter than I expected.  Oh, and he’s also a couple years older than me. First older guy I’ve met since April.  Most older guys don’t want what I do (casual) or they simply are boring to me.  So we sat down at the bar and one of the first things I noticed was his sleeve.  I do love a man with tattoos… And then he told me that I’m one of the only people online that is hotter in person than in the photos I shared. I took that as a good sign 🙂 We actually had a great conversation about travel and photography and then went back to my place.

And this is where I have to say I was really impressed – we had some technical difficulties with condoms.  He’s rather thick and he’d brought some and one broke and the other was having issues.  And so I got some out. We tried a few different types and they all had issues.  But we just laughed and found other things to do.  And it was great. I completely appreciate someone who can roll with the awkwardness that sex sometimes throws at you and not get flustered and still find a way to have fun.

So hopefully we’ll see each other again and have non-awkward sex…







2 thoughts on “Finally a guy older than me…

    1. My completely anecdotal evidence is that guys in their 30s and 40s usually (not always) tend to be better about enjoying all of the touching and stroking and kissing that is part of good sex. And 20-somethings are hit or miss. I’ve been with one amazing 26 yr old who is just so good. Most aren’t that good. But they also can go several rounds. So, you have multiple chances to get things right. That definitely becomes more rare as guys get older. And I think guys who drink too much or smoke sometimes have trouble getting hard as they get older. So, I’m not sure there is a magic age. I tend to expect an experience with a 40 yr old guy will be different from a 26 yr old guy and hopefully each will offer something the other one can’t.

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