Ahhh. Chemistry. That elusive element of casual sex…

We’ve all forced it. Or, I assume most people have.  That…”He seems really nice and is cute” situation…but there’s nothing more than “He seems really nice and cute”.  And it’s pretty tough to overcome that.

I met one of those today.  I thought the potential issue might be his age. He’s only 25.   But that wasn’t a huge factor for me. At least it wasn’t the obvious factor.  It was just that…I felt nothing other than “He seems really nice and cute”.  So I had to tell him I wasn’t feeling it.  Poor guy walked out of Starbucks right then. Ugh. I tried to be nice about it, but…there are only so many ways to directly reject someone. And none of them feel good.

To his credit, he texted soon after and asked what it was.  And I had to say it was just…chemistry. I wasn’t feeling it. He seemed nice. He was attractive.  He told me he was disappointed because he thought I was really attractive [always nice to hear] and that he really wanted to eat me out.

I’ll admit that that bit of, I guess, sexual bravado was kind of hot. He had seemed pretty…mild-mannered when we met.  Maybe he would be different behind closed doors.  He also told me if I changed my mind, to let him know.  Which I also respected.

So, I am considering meeting him for a drink at some point in time. Maybe Starbucks isn’t the setting to expect to find chemistry. Especially on a busy Sunday.  Maybe a dark bar would be sexier.  I told him as much.  But that I didn’t know if I’d change my mind.  I’m heading out for vacation in a few days, so he knows nothing would be immediate. I need to decide.  Do I try to make chemistry happen? Or do I accept my initial response?

Honestly, a lot will probably depend on available options in a few weeks. And that is always in flux.


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