Perfect male specimen…or catfish?

I’ve been messaging with this guy I’ll call…Bill…for awhile.  He’s probably not the brightest, and he doesn’t really make me long for long conversations with him.  But damn is he hot in the photos he’s sent.  He’s probably hotter to me than any movie star that I can think of. He’s got a perfect fact. Perfect body. Nice cock.

So there is a good chance he’s not a real person.  We were supposed to meet about a month ago, but he didn’t show up (luckily, it was a “I’m going to be in your neighborhood anyway, let’s meet when I’m done” thing).  And he honestly hadn’t seemed like an asshole. Just kind of…not super bright, but nice. And kinky.  So I wrote him off, but did send a “why did you stand me?” message the next day, not expecting a response.  Well, 2 days after we were supposed to meet, I got an apology that he had been admitted to the hospital over the weekend.

So, this sounded both exactly like a catfish story…and also totally plausible based on some stuff we had discussed previously about him. Also could be a catfish scenario. But I decided to take him at his word b/c the facts did fit together. And people sometimes do go to the hospital.  And, fuck it. If he’s real, I want to get him naked, like, now. And if he’s not…well, what’s a little messaging?

So he’s claimed to be super busy with work (again, it makes sense given what I know about his job), so he messages me occasionally. Not often.  I hadn’t heard from him in a week and then he messaged today saying that he was free this weekend…finally…was I? Well, I have 3 dates this weekend (and a party), so no. I wasn’t. But I offered up the following Saturday and he said he could do it.

So maybe I’ll find out. At this point, I just kind of want to know if he’s real. And…I have 3 dates this weekend, at least one other next.  Maybe one Wednesday. If I get stood up…big deal. A night to myself will be very welcome. And if he is real? Well, I will enjoy his naked body (assuming, you know, that he’s into that) and not feel remotely guilty that I only want him for his body.




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