Podcasts I like…

So far, there are 3 sex-related podcasts that I think send a sex-positive message and are funny, sometimes informative, and entertaining.

  • Savage Lovecast – I feel like this one is pretty well known and respected. Dan Savage is pretty great.
  • Guys we Fucked (or F****d on iTunes) – Something about the podcast is pretty addictive to me and I’ve had my laugh out loud moments. Sometimes it’s a bit repetitive and dry. The early episodes tended to be interviews with men that one of the hosts had hooked up with. Now there are more general interviews with people talking about their sex lives. I think it’s good to hear people talk openly and honestly about their sex lives. My only complaint is that the hosts are comedians. Not sex therapists or anything like that. And sometimes they aren’t as outraged as I wish they would be about “gray rape” situations.
  • Manwhore Podcast – This is sort of the male version of Guys we Fucked.  It’s a guy who is looking for a serious relationship, but kind of a slut.  He brings on women he has hooked up with to talk about what went wrong and how he can improve himself. Overall, I think he is pretty entertaining and he normalizes a lot of sex and body positivity.

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